Modern Warfare 2 Most amazing knife kill

You may think you've seen the most insane MW2 knife throw kill, but you have not. THIS is the most amazing MW2 knife throw kill. Enjoy it.

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myothercar3728d ago

All this means is that someone plays COD a little too much.

"Variety? I play a new game every year!"


IrishAssa3728d ago

Ah no anayone could've got that , it was lucky

LukaX233728d ago

knives totally kill people like that in real life ;-P

snaz273728d ago

I got killed, by a butter knife, in that exact same manner the other day! Im living proof this is possible!.....

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

MW2 has the most finicky multiplayer I've ever experienced. So much so, I decided to log some of my findings during a normal gaming night.

Console: PS3
Location: East UK
ISP: BT (averages 2mbps download, 500kbps upload)
Play time: 1600-1800-ish GMT

Game Type: 12 player TDM
Total matches: 10
Games with unplayable lag: 5
Games with host swaps: 2
Games that crashed: 1
Good match overall: 2

Game Type: 18 player Ground War
Total matches: 3
Games with unplayable lag: All 3
Games with host swaps: All 3 (One match swapped 4 times)
Games that crashed: 2
Good match overall: None, Ground War is unplayable.

These problems are consistent too, my friends have the same issues, both stateside and within the UK. I've said it before, MW2 is an excellent shooter, buts it also happens to be the WORST multiplayer game I've played. Period.

Gone are the servers of yesteryear, with games like Tribes, Quake, and UT ran on stable servers. Truth is, P2P and its automated host networking have become the cheap alternative to strong and stable dedicated servers.

Hopefully people support games like Bad Company 2 and the like, because as far as I'm concerned, the dedicated server may very well be quickly extinct.

PS: I've thought up close to 20 fixes MW2 still needs. Some of them being a new animation and hit box for the care package runners. A velocity kill speed for the knife. And the invulnerability time when going to last stand. Seriously, theres a ton of little tweaks that could be done to MW2, that would shut a lot of people up. The question is, When IW? WHEN will you fix them!

snaz273728d ago

i would never defend this game and yeah the p2p is crap... however, a part of the problem could be your internet connection, 2mps average? thats terrible and inadiquate for playing online games, i use virgin, their connections start at 10mb! i get on average 9mb, i cant say if that would help with this game, cos i never bought the POS but i can tell you ive never experienced lag! not that ive noticed anyway.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3728d ago

But COD is the only game lately to have lag like this. When I say the match crashes, EVERYONE is booted to the lobby. When I say the game has unplayable lag, EVERYONE is experiencing it.

Put yourself in my shoes.

Killzone 2? No problems or issues. I was surprised.
Uncharted 2? Once I find a game... no issues.
PC L4D2? No problems once I find a good dedicated server.
Bad Company 2? Perfect online, no issues whatsoever!

2mbps DL gives me no issue at all. With 500kbps upload, sometimes my kills can be delayed a split second.

With dedicated servers, the server is grabbing and exchanging data much quicker than someones home internet. A big problem in the UK and states of course, because the average househould skimps on the internet. (don't misquote me, I said AVERAGE)

So really, I've been an internet gamer longer than anyone I know, none of you punks probably even remember Tribes, so I should know when 2/.5 speed should warrant smooth play or not.

snaz273728d ago

and when i first got with virgin, their lowest speed was 2mb, i told em i wanted it to play games online and they said it wasnt really good enough for gaming and they recommended 10mb... do you use hardwired or wifi? that can make a difference too... also im no expert but i thought that P2P worked by finding people with a similar connection speed as you? so if you have a c**p speed, then everyone on your matches will have c**p speeds too no? a match with everyone that has bad connections is bound to breed lag surely?

snaz273728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

just out of interest could you do something for me, go onto (not sure if you have used it but its ace!), there is a section that says "bandwidth only tells half the story" do all the tests and let me know your results? here are mine... download 8.24... upload 0.48... second test (when i clicked the link saying bandwidth is half the story) ping 56ms... jitter 17ms... in conclusion in rated my connection B* saying it was very good but some online games may not work optimally. give it a go and see what they say. thanks.

edit: actually this should go for anyone, it would be quite interesting to hear anyone results, plus it could highlight problems that you could talk to you isp about... i barely missed out on an A so im pretty happy with that... btw i used the closest server too me.

Harry_Manback3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

Interesting, I've never seen that link on
Anyways, I got an A.

Download: 14.36 Mb/s
Upload: 1.01 Mb/s
Packet Loss: 0%
Ping: 51 ms
Jitter: 2 ms

On topic: Obviously this is pure luck, but kinda cool nonetheless.

snaz273728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

yeah man theose are some nice results, did you get that first try? and what speed does your isp say you get? cos i think for what im paying for its not too bad, i only pay for 10 mb, i pay £25 for tv, broadband, landline... i think for the broadband only you can get it for about £15... out of interest how much you pay bud?... also im not sure if this would make a difference but i am downloading a film off stagevu, using the ps3 at the mo, thats what i did the test on too, so ill have a go later when its done... oh yeah and its the first time ive seen that too, i didnt see where it said packet loss though?

edit: yeah thats a pretty good deal then mate, im taking it that its fiberoptic then? cos like mine there is little loss, unlike a phoneline ISP they say its 8mb, but you get 2-3! virgin have speeds of 50mb but thats overkill lol, i think they are testing 100mb speeds too. lol.

Harry_Manback3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

Yup, that was my first try. I'm in the US, but anyways my ISP offers 15mb, 25mb, and 50mb unlimited internet and I'm paying around $30/month for the 15mb connection.

maxcer3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

this is for westcoast canada, sometimes when i do this test late at night it will hit almost 45Mb/s. it still won't help the game if ISP's like mine limit upload bandwidth or the host actually does have cheapo connection

snaz273728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

good results mate, but how about the other test? did you see it?
edit: wow 45mb/s thats pretty good mate, the only thing is does it help in anyway? like for instance i find stagevu, to be pretty slow, but i think thats down to the site and not my connection, i guess my question is are there any site that allow you those kind of download speeds, you see i went upto 20mb once to see what it was like, i didnt notice any difference... my understanding was that the 50mb/100mb speeds where good if you have multiple devises downloading in one house, say a student house or something? im purely guessing, and can i be nosey and ask how much you pay?

Megaton3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

Location: Los Angeles, CA
ISP: Road Runner, Time Warner Cable
Download: 23.64 Mb/s
Upload: 0.92 Mb/s
Ping: 20
Jitter: 7
Packet loss: 0%
Grade: A

davekaos3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

You can have a actual downstream of 300kbps and still be able to play online games lag free in theory, the problem is upstream.
Most uk isp's have around 1mbps upstream which is between 50-90kbps actual speed, unless your fibre optic connection, playing with people in europe wont be a problem really providing they have similar upstream. the problem is when playing with people from america they will most likely have a higher upstream than people from UK which is good But when some one like yourself (Silentshaank) plays with someone from america you will always have problems,
You have to send packets of data when them packets travel a far distance with your connection you will have a high ping, prob around 120-150ms this creates jitter which will be around 5-7ms. this is the problem with a jitter like that chances are your shooting some 1 and you think you shot him first but really he shot you first because he seen you first because he wont have jitter.
to get rid of jitter you need a better upstream so if you want to play with ppl from america without any problems your gonna need around 3mbps upstream.
Best option is change your isp to one that has fibre optic, if thats not possible ask your isp for some adsl filters (THEY ARE FREE)
If your isp wont give you these for free tell them your going to leave them and they will soon change there mind.
Adsl filter should give you an extra actual upstream boost of around 50kbps


@Xiphos your upload is terrible compared to your download, i would get straight on to your isp and ask them what the problem is.
You should be around 6mbps upload with a downstream like that

Hope this helps a few people who aint quite sure why they are lagging when they have a good connection
Upstream my friends Upstream, Its a B*tch lol

MiloGarret3728d ago


I'm on wireless right now. Needless to say, the problems you speak of silent shank, are not an issue for me. Upgrade your connection.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

You people amuse me. This internet of mine, is basically the bare minimum in broadband standards. That doesn't explain why MW2 changes host frequently, lags for everyone and crashes every other game though.

Edit: My buildings ISP is currently locked in, so I pretty much have to deal with it. Like I said though, I've had little to no issues with other PS3 games, and PC games.

You'd figure after I explain how seasoned I am with PC gaming, you'd think I might know a thing or two about ping,,, packets, bandwith, upload speeds and download speeds, etc

davekaos3728d ago

Mw2 is fully dependent on p2p whereas other games either have partial p2p or full dedicated server.
P2p-if the host connection drops for whatever reason(wireless connection/other users in house hold using bandwidth) every one will lag and/or it will crash.
Usually when it cant migrate to a new host is because the previous host more than likely powered off the computer without shutting it down properly. So the host migration gets confused because it cant acquire data from the host which results in the game going back to lobby where it will pick a new host.

MW2 host migration system is 1 of the worst in online gaming, it rarely finds the best host. what it does is scan the users and has a look for the best ping and assumes this is the best host which is incorrect.
other games dont have this problem because they scan all users connection then it calculates what the average ping is and chooses a host from there as well as having some sort of partial server to back anything up should a hosts connection be lost.

Sure MW2 is relatively quick at finding a group of players and putting them in a match but thats because of what the host migration does not do but it should.

You should notice other games take a lil longer to get into a match this is because the host migration is doing exactly what it should in order to achieve best possible connection.

Hope this answers you question

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3728d ago

I'm fully aware of all everything you just said...

Thats the reason why I posted in the first place. I knew the game was bad, but after kicking me and my friends for the second time, I decided to log everything.

My findings of course, was little surprise.

madpuppy3728d ago

No wonder casual gamers like MW2, you can randomly throw a knife and like magic it will kill an enemy.

Try anything like that in Bad company 2 and you know what happens? the same thing that happens in real life...nothing.

badz1493728d ago

2Mbps average is actually good enough for online. I have a connection of 1Mbps and for sure average lower than that and my PS3 is connected wirelessly. I've been playing a lot of games online and some of them are p2p too like Uncharted 2 with no problem I might say! although there were sometime server error with certain games, I've been playing games like UC2, Warhawk, SOCOM, BFBC, LBP, MGO, R2, MS:PR, FIFA, KZ2 and a lot more online just fine with my connection! and even when people are complaining about being kicked out in MAG beta, I had no such problem and managed to finish every session I was in. and that's over my slow 1Mbps connection! my PS3 is actually playing online smoothly and downloads file way faster than my LAN connected PC!

I've seen people playing MW2 online and there are too many times it lags bad! so, I don't think it's the internet speed problem all the way to the core as my other games beg to differ. just my 2 cents

snaz273728d ago

you really sound like you got a chip on your shoulder bud, for a start im 28 years old! noone including myself is saying you dont know anything. we were merely trying to help you! why didnt you do the speedtest and post your results? pathetic if you ask me, and dont worry i wont bother trying to help again lol.. like i said i wasnt defending mw2! i had the same issues with mw1 when i borrowed it, hense i didnt buy it! nor the second! if your soooo wise and know everything, why did you buy the pos? maybe next time you will learn? or maybe not cos you know best right? lol.

s8anicslayer3728d ago

That's why this game is so fun!

SoX FireBlade3727d ago

Seriously not worth it

I guess he will get like 5m views on youtube just because he killed someone with pure luck

there are other games you can do something similar to this and no one know about it

frostypants3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

SilentShank is absolutely right. I've been playing online for years (yes, I remember Tribes, but never played it). I even played Doom via dialup...back then to play with a stranger you had to coordinate via online forum and dial their number directly. Those were the days.

So believe me when I say MW2 is laggy as all hell. That four-bar green connection icon is full of crap. I can tell just by eyeballing gameplay that it is giving that "good" connection icon even with gameplay pings in excess of 300ms. That is unacceptable.

If on your client you shoot someone 3 times, and then they shoot you afterwards and somehow kill you, then the replay shows that you apparently never pulled the trigger at all, you're probably at a 350ms ping or worse. To put that in perspective, that would be on the slow-end if you were using freaking DIAL-UP.

It wouldn't be so bad if the connection icons weren't so FOS. Sometimes I have great connections where it feels like I have a true sub-50ms ping like the game claims I should have when it searches for games, other time the lag is as bad as dialup, yet according to Infinity Ward both of those qualify as fantastic connections.

There is no broadband connection in the world that would justify this. You should't need 10mbps of bandwidth for good online gaming. You shouldn't even need 2mbps. Or even 500kbps.

Decent game. Garbage netcode. It's clearly broken, but unfortunately with such a high percentage of relative neophytes to online gaming (came to it in the last 4 years, aren't familiar with what a "good" ping should be) Infinity Ward gets away with murder. I'd blame it entirely on the P2P architecture but even MW1 was better than this.

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BigKev453728d ago

I sold my copy of MW 2 & pre-ordered Bad Company 2.

HappyTrigger3728d ago

What are you expecting out of your comment? An agree plus a bubble?!?! SURE!! I'll be happy to give you one! ;)

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3728d ago

"I sold my copy of MW 2 & pre-ordered Bad Company 2."

-Alpha3728d ago

But come on, that was an amazing kill, even though this isn't the slightest bit newsworthy.

Red Panda3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

I will never again support this horribly generic crap. Its sad people are so content with this sorry excuse because companies will never push the envelope further.

snaz273728d ago

im glad you learned your lesson, but you were one of the people that supported this sorry excuse for a game lol, It was pretty obvious from the start they were only making minor ajustments to the game, and releasing MW1.5, only to cash in on the first games suprise success... hopefully next time you research your purchase better. or just avoide activision totally, thats a good start lol.


I just got rid of my copy... full stop !

granted, i still play on my brothers copy once in a while with friends, but i don't play online as much anymore.

mfwahwah3728d ago

I bet you didn't even watch the video.

You saw "Modern Warfare 2" and came in just to tell everyone your gaming purchases.

bjornbear3728d ago

awesome =D want wait to see you there man!

@ bubbles

then why did you reply? awful amount of effort for someone who doesn't care =/

madpuppy3728d ago

don't let "Randy Newman" get you down. You saw the light and have escaped from the "shiny" that is MW2, the casual FPS.

Don't be a myna bird, get BC2

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

Yeah, that's the problem with telling someone that nobody cares, there are always D-bags like you around that say "well you sure sound like you care". lol

DW3728d ago

.. think I'll do that .. I got all the trophies already so ...

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theEnemy3728d ago

That's the coolest game winning kill I've ever seen.

F'ing golden.

GameOn3728d ago

Slapped in the face by a knife.