Cloning Clyde Now Available

Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays continue with the launch of 'Cloning Clyde' the wacky action adventure / puzzle game. Created by Wahoo Studios / NinjaBee, developer of the popular 'Outpost Kaloki X' for Xbox Live Arcade, Cloning Clyde puts the 'z' in zany in this classic-animation style world.

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Islandkiwi6165d ago

I'm really enjoying this game. Hope MS gets more of this out there on the market.

Cyclonus6165d ago

kind of a mix between Oddworld and Donkey Kong Country. Pretty funny, too.

shotty6165d ago

and a bit of lost vikings.

Liverpool4ever6165d ago

Didn't like this game at all.
Although I liked Donkey Kong C, this comes no where close to that game.

Get's a rating 3 of 6 from me.

+ Funny Charachter

- TO ORDINARY... if you get what I mean :)