GoGamingGiant: Cloning Clyde Review

GoGamingGiant reviews the re-release of Cloning Clyde on steam.

"Cloning Clyde for Steam is nothing more than a port of the original XBLA game. Does the original game still hold up?"

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omicron0094795d ago

looks ok, going to check it out on steam.

Murgatroyd74795d ago

This was an okay game, but I don't get why they would port it to the PC after so long.

Rah5er04795d ago

Same here.. that IS a long wait to port..interesting-


Ghost of Tsushima PC has 84% positive reviews and a peak online audience of 72 thousand people

On 16 May, the long-awaited release of the PC version of Ghost of Tsushima took place. And the game proved to be a great success on the first day.

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PrinceOfAnger2d ago

all-time peak 3 minutes ago.

thorstein2d ago

Nice. It's really cool that PC players get to play this masterpiece.

PrinceOfAnger2d ago

It has surpassed spider man now
it's 71k+
game did this with way shorter time than spider man.

itsmebryan1d 4h ago (Edited 1d 4h ago )

I'm confused. Does that number mean total players at one time playing like a snapshot
or total sales? If it's the former that's not very accurate because I know I'm not the only person that buys games and plays them later and that number is not included.

RNTody2d ago

Great, I loved this game. Definitely think it's Sucker Punch's best work to date!

rippermcrip2d ago

Is this going to be the new thing thing? Articles about Steam reviews? Which of course was in response to the false article about the review bombings in the first place.

Christopher1d 22h ago

Hey, just a heads up that the new owners did open news to Steam updates, but we try our best to not allow them to go on daily updates unless relevant to some other news. I understand this isn't everyone's cup and tea and sympathize, but the door has been open. If you feel it's 'too much' please do PM me or submit a ticket to the mod team. Thank you.

1d 16h ago
shinoff21831d 14h ago

I came here to post this link in that specific article. 84 perce t is pretty good. How many bad reviews were there like 5

GamerzElite2d ago

This is good game and Ghost eliminate all fake outrage.

CrimsonWing691d 23h ago (Edited 1d 23h ago )

I always get confused by this, but is 72k good sales numbers for a game? I keep seeing games fail at selling 2.5 million and that they need to be on multiple platforms but is an additional 72k adding much?

Fishy Fingers1d 23h ago

Im not sure how its confusing :\

72k actively playing. Not 72k sold.

A good example is Helldivers 2, 6m sold, 450k (at its peak) active players.

But how many swords swung is what we're all really waiting for.

shinoff21831d 14h ago

Lmao. How many swords swung. I was hoping for how many steps

wesnytsfs1d 3h ago

And its how many years old from initial release.

Crows901d 22h ago

72k is concurrent
...that is not the sold figure.

Michiel19891d 22h ago

for one they already had a huge launch on the playstation, they don't need to sell 5m to make the porting to pc profitable and as pointed out below that number you see is just the people playing it at this moment.

Plague-Doctor271d 20h ago (Edited 1d 20h ago )

Also from the insomniac leak we know these PC ports are a quick turnaround and budgeted around $2-4 million. At 100k sales they break even including Steams cut. They may not sell millions but they are a great ROI

elazz1d 10h ago (Edited 1d 10h ago )

72k concurrent. That is a global number. People who bought the game are not playing at the same time because of timezones, working schedules, holidays, events... There is no good rule of thumb but you can extrapolate based on other games that also released sales data. Then it is clear that the PC release alone accounts for at least 500K copies sold on steam, maybe closer to 700-800K. Probably will sell over a million this extended weekend.

According to steamspy and other data gathering sites games like Days Gone, Spider Man, God Of War, Horizon Zero Dawn have sold 2 to 5 million copies on Steam. So I expect Ghost to reach similar numbers. Probably even surpass it.

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