Ubisoft calls CUT! on movie-game tie-ins

Ubisoft announces that it will be cutting the budget on movie tie-in games. Will this mean less shovelware, or simply worse movie games?

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Blaze9293216d ago

Soooo I guess that means we shouldn't expect much coming from The Forgotten Sands? Other than that one coming, I didn't even really notice they did movie-tie-in games.

Hellsvacancy3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

And that film looks terrible, reminds me of The Scorpion King, they should stop fundin films all together

SpoonyRedMage3216d ago

This is silly in my opinion, it's all down to the avatar game bombing but the blame lies with Ubisoft for that, it released way too early and could have been positioned much better.

Nihilism3216d ago

Ubisoft is a great developer, if they make less movie tie ins and get farcry 3 hurried up, then I'm all :D

darkmurder3216d ago

Great so instead of average ones were gonna get complete crap, hooray!

Solidus187-SCMilk3216d ago

yeah right, I bet the same number but they get worse, if thats possible.

s8anicslayer3216d ago

The problem is that most companies want to capitalize on the "Big Name" and not pay attention to quality, but good call UBI stay away from movie to game IP'S, but hell off topic I'm glad Capcom decided to take over all game development and spare us of the trash that is Dark Void, Bionic Commando and so forth!

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Antan3216d ago

Well they can`t be much worse if the quality now with a budget of millions is anything to go by!

Bush3216d ago

The Avatar game was not bad I rented it and enjoyed it its not a title I would own. The things I hated about the game was the fact it felt like a side story to the movie not based on the orginal movie chracters. And the other thing I hated was that the game had mutant powers wich were not in the movie, And most movie games no matter who makes it tend to be a hit and miss in sales and everybody knows that.

keysy4203216d ago

been waiting for companies to do this for years. i watch the movie cause i want to watch the movie i play the game because i want to play a game in that universe.not the same story i just watched.

Senden3216d ago

They can blame EA for this one... it's them who are most famous for shoveling giant turds down gamer's faces with their awful poor production value movie tie ins... now gamers are wiser and know that when they see a game based on a movie, AVOID!

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