Operation Flashpoint devs working on new FPS

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

Due to it's 'realistic nature', Operation Flashpoint 2 was a pretty divisive game amongst gamers. In the end, the game was pretty well received by critics, and it also Codemaster's biggest selling title at launch, so it wouldn't surprise you if Codies went back to the franchise, would it?

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shadowfox3191d ago

The posts says PS3/360/PC.

At any rate, sounds like OF3 to me. I don't think they make any other FPS franchises...

JustCallMeMarcus3191d ago

If anything, it would probably be ps3 exclusive. Doesn't codemasters make those ferrari games exclusively for the ps3?

At any rate, i didn't like flashpoint, so unless it's a new ip, count me uninterested.

evrfighter3191d ago

thats great but I hope they don't attempt multiplayer...horrible, just thinking about it makes me shudder

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising was horrible in my opinion.

I have zero interest in their next FPS.

gaffyh3190d ago

@1.2 - Are you thinking of SuperCar challenge? That is Eutechnyx/System 3

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ATi_Elite3191d ago

********************** WARNING******************

Warning to 360 and PS3 owners the links in the above comment are GRAPHIC by nature because of superior GPU acceleration
and shouldn't be viewed by Console only owners.
They contain explicit scenes of Superior Draw Distances and Real time lighting and shadow rendering. The Sick Graphical use of AF and AA enhance the shader model 3.0 to a point of flawlessness. These Videos are rendered at an astonishing 40 to 60 FPS and are not meant for Consoler view. Please be advisised that this is Native output of 1920 X 1200p Full HD. These videos may cause a sense of heightened adrenaline rush, excitement, and induce a status of AWE. These videos may make you question "what else am I missing out on" and cause you to panic and second guess your console purchse.

Parental Discretion is Advised

thief3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

Were these drawn from a PC which cost $399-499 in 2006, have 512MB of RAM and a 2005-era graphics card?

MysticStrummer3191d ago

Besides... from the reviews I saw, ARMA2 was a buggy mess and OFP2 was a better game, though still not great. Never played either one, but I still plan to check out OFP2 at some point. Codemasters should be able to polish the gameplay quite a bit, so I'm interested in sequel news.

Pandamobile3191d ago

ARMA 2 had a 77 on Metacritic, and OFDR2 had a 76.

But most, if not all of ARAM 2's real shortcomings were fixed within a month or two with patches. And as far as being a real military simulator, ARMA 2 does a way better job than OFDR2. OFDR2 was dumbed down significantly for console controls, where as a game like ARMA 2 is only possible on PC, first reason being that there's a function for almost every key on the keyboard, and to try to get that working on a controller with 14 buttons would be nearly impossible. And secondly is the hardware requirements. ARMA 2 has huge draw-distances that go far beyond what the PS3 and 360 are capable of.

morganfell3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

Pandamobile is absolutely correct. You can push out huge maps as well in Arma II.

Gears of War II was a horrendous buggy mess when it came out and took longer than Arma II to patch yet it received a pass on the initial reviews despite the fact the multiplayer was insanely broken. Do it might do sometimes to look at what a game becomes after feedback.

Arma II has been patched - and not just bugs but with tons of features added and the game is quite remarkable. Also you have to look at the the fact that the mod community floors that offered by other games. ACE 2 is a free massive self updating mod. Look at what else you can get for this title.

Specifically the downloads section:

And that is just one site out of numerous locations.

Revvin3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

I've given ARMA II a second chance. It was a bug ridden mess when it first launched just like ARMA was. Its still not what you would call a solid working title but I do enjoy it a little more now its had a few patches and the performance isn't too bad now. As they stand now I'd give just give ARMA II the nod over OFP2. I think ARMA could be done on a console, OFP2 has proved they can handle large terrains and the number of keys could be handled with a decent GUI and with the Playstation Eye you could even have a TrackIR type view system. The problem for Bohemia Interactive is that the poor standard they release games in would never get through Sony or Microsoft's certification systems :)

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Ninjamonkey823191d ago

Last game was Dire hope its something new the screwed the PC version of opfp2 well up. Tbh thats where the game has its true home over some scarpy consoles.

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