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mrv3213194d ago

No one cares about age ratings IN ANY MEDIA.

MK_Red3194d ago

What's the point in caring about ratings? I've been watching hard R rated movies before I was 6 and don't consider my childhood ruined by stuff like that or adult films or anything similair. It all comes down to parents and their understanding of their children.

Sitdown3194d ago

about it..then my local theater would not be carding people or not allowing certain age groups into certain rated movies after a specific time.

UltimateIdiot9113193d ago

It's not that they care, it's because they need to follow the law or otherwise get fined.

Don't confuse following the law with taking moral interest. I'm pretty sure many of us follow the law because we want to but because we have to.

Trevorthenerd3193d ago

Been playing games like GTA or manhunt since I was 8 and it has not affected me one bit :)

YoungKiller253193d ago

why dont you talk about how more kids have Wii Fit and the positive side of the VG industry

gaffyh3193d ago

I don't care about age ratings my self, I watched Evil Dead, Child's Play, Nightmare on Elm street etc. when I was 10 years old. It was the only time that those films are actually scary. Now they just make me laugh, especially Evil Dead, that film is hilarious.

But with games, you could only get stuff like Crash Bandicoot, not many mature games on PS1. Nowadays there are quite a lot.

ThaOutKast3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

Ratings in any form of media is ridiculous. What really ruins a childhood is not being exposed to art and having your selection of media be limited. I am only 14 and I play GTA and Mass Effect, my parents have no problem with that. I have seen and understood Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill and things of the sort. I believe because of those things I have been exposed to have made me smarter in many different senses and have made me far more mature than most my age.

EDIT: However I do believe that not every child NEEDS to be exposed to it but if a child is raised correctly then they should be mature enough to enjoy the things I listed before they are 17.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19893193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

so no one cares about the ratings wow you think this is new i remember when i could go into a& b sound or cd plus and buy wutang clan cd's and i was like 10 lol parental advisory sticker right there. no parent in site lol. ohhhhh swear words and violence. last time i checked drugs and cigerettes, and domestic violence and nasty divorces ruin childrens child hoods. dont blame the parents blame the game developers for making the game lol what a wonderful world we live in dont this a$$ f*cks get tired of wasting there breath last time i checked porn industry is still standing more and more gore in the movies these days. cable tv has just as much nudity in the day time. give it rest get off your high horses and step into reality . prohibition doesnt work and it never will so just deal with it and fix what you can and if that dont work accept that no one gives a sh*t including parents. kids that are shielded from violence and swearing usually end up getting eatin alive in the real world......if parents cant control or parent there kid whether violent vidio games exist or not those kids still dont stand a chance there always other alternatives lol. u take away something then something else comes aalong and replaces it if ur heasd wasnt so far up ur a$$ ud know that.


menoyou3193d ago

Parental apathy, broken homes, and the devaluing of family and marriage are destroying childhoods. Media ratings are just a side effect. Wish more of these retarded liberals wold live in reality where a family unit sustains the growth of a child and not sitting them in front of the TV or game console.

SaiyanFury3193d ago

@Menoyou above

Amen, to everything you said above. Enjoy the bubble. :)

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PoSTedUP3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

some people should not be allowed to reproduce.

rambi803193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

Exactly. Morality is subjective. If you want your child to have a specific set of morals then that takes time and effort on your part.

But most people just like to complain and blame others for their failures.

Ghostsmoker3194d ago

as higher the rating is as more directly it convinces young people to buy it. A game can't be bada$$ enough ...
It's exactly the same with movies.

And most of the parents don't even give a [email protected] about the games their children playing.

PoSTedUP3194d ago

the higher the rating the less young people can buy it because they check ID for mature games.

most parents need to be more responsable. my parents let me get away with murder as a child, that didn't help me at all... only did damage.

snaz273194d ago

if a game or movie gets an 18 certificate, it no doubt makes it more appealing to young kids. i dont know any kids, while i was a lad or now that couldnt get or play those games. Yes in part the parents should monitor and understand what they are buying! but what if the kid goes to a friends house? you cant be everywhere.. and anyway i dont think playing those games nor watching 18 movies, has a bad effect on children. its not like they will turn a kid evil... bad parenting with no discipline does that. at the end of the day violent crime and such began long before movies and video games.

PoSTedUP3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

It's not the rating that makes it more apealing, games with higher ratings tend to be more violent and more popular. not all mature movies that are 18+ are awesome or will appeal to kids, a lot are boring and unpopular though.

if a kid goes to a friends house, then the responsability is on the parent of the friend.

violence has been around for ever but it hasen't been the same motive as in the past with children. sure you have the rape, stealing beause your're poor and all the other sadistic s*** that will never go away. but explaining why it is "cool" to shoot guns, be a gangster, sell drugs (espically when you don't have to and grew up wealthy) etc. has a lot to do with movies/games and irresponsable parents, not only monitoring the games and movies they watch and play but seeing who their children are associating with.

it helps to not be exposed to all the stuff at a young age while the brain is still developing.

"the higher the rating the less young people can buy it because they check ID for mature games."

^this is true, but that means an adult is purchasing the game for them (is what i meant. there is no doubt that these games are some of the better ones that kids love)

snaz273194d ago

and if you find they play violent games or watch violent movies, stop them being friends? i think you may come unstuck there. your kids will either have no friends or will rebel and do everything in secret. i know lots of 18 yr old who arent as responsible as my 4 yr old lol.. everything is relative. i wouldnt let her see manhunt (she would hide anyway lol) but she loves tom and jerry! is that ok? lol.. you have to be confident you taught your kids right from wrong. And that superseeds anything they see on tv. Just out of interest do you have kids? Genuinely interested.

Ghostsmoker3194d ago

WOW the game got an mature rating ... BLOOD and GORE confirmed!!
Let's buy it right now!

snaz273194d ago

you say your parents let you get away with murder, do you mean play/watch violent/offensive material, or do you mean they were soft regarding everything? ie not telling you off and punishing you when you did wrong.. because i will refer to what i said ealier about discipline! its much more important than what they watch or play on tv. when i say punishment and discipline i mean in a non violent way. if my kid missbehaves i use the naughty step or i take away a toy she likes.. it works wonders. and she wont mess with me lol, my mrs on the other hand well...

snaz273194d ago

i know what posted up is saying but, the age rating is like a quick quite as to good (bloody gorey) games, and boring non violent games. in a kids head that is.. i remember when i was young id scan the vhs boxes just at the rating, then when i found and 18 look at what it was! lol. ahhh robocop! bingo! lol

Ghostsmoker3194d ago

yep, me too. So sick but true ... Violence and Sex rules the media.

Sitdown3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

"and if you find they play violent games or watch violent movies, stop them being friends? i think you may come unstuck there. your kids will either have no friends or will rebel and do everything in secret."

No, its called increased supervision. Your kids can still have those friends, but you limit their interaction and ability to be negatively influenced. Besides, I think the world is big enough where they could potentially have friends that are not engulfed in the things you listed above....and as far as rebel....isn't that where your parenting and discipline come in?

snaz273193d ago

even before potentially, they will wanna sleep over at friends houses, so non violent game playing john, your kid can go to, but horrible gta playing steven they are not unless you go too? lol.. do u think kids are stupid? and mate the discipline has to be done early, i wouldnt punish my kid for hittin a video game character, or for watching tom hit jerry! but if she hit for real then yes! so shed have no reason to rebel. dont you see the difference?

PoSTedUP3193d ago

i was never allowed to sleep over friends houses really (very rarely). i had plenty of friends. and generally keeping your son or daughter away from friends with bad parents is the safer way to go untill they get to a certain age where your good parenting pays off.

get away with murder where there was no disipline, cursing really young, getting in trouble in school because of it. now of only i wasent allowed to play GTA when i was 10, or hang out with that bad kid on the corner house... you see where i am going with this?

its like good son bad son with me and my cousin- his family was really strict with everything, hes a really good kid wit good direction/going to college good grades etc. me on the other hand growing up in a dysfunctional family where there was no disipline, i took the other path, the oppisite path; i was exposed to everything at a young age.

and no i don't have kids but i think i would know how to raise them if i had any.

and your daughter you said? if she was playing GTA over a friends house (the bad kid) and came home curseing and starting to get into trouble with this friend, would you allow her to still hang out with them? : /

some people have different methods: hitting, groundation, soap in the mouth etc. to each there own, just trying to make my words more clear here.

snaz273193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

you said you wasnt allowed to friends houses ( the thing you said would stop bad behaviour), but then you said that you had no rules or discipline?... anyway you have to look at this in another way... my daughter watches tom and jerry, she sees tom hit jerry and visa versa, yet she knows it is wrong to hit people... and if she did hit someone (not in self defence) then i would tell her off and explain that hitting is wrong! and that tom and jerry is just a cartoon and not real... you will be suprised at how much they understand even at 4... I must admit i have sworn in the past, and she never copied untill the other day, i told her it was wrong to say that and a naughty word, shes not said it since, and i have stopped swearing too (parenting is a learning curve for you too) by the time she is 10 she will definately know the difference between playing a game and real life trust me! she does now! so i know if she played a game with swearing or heard it she would know its wrong! more down below, didn't hit reply

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tdrules3194d ago

bawww im Ian Duncan Smith and I was the most uninteresting party leader of all time.
he thinks he's important ^^

MK_Red3194d ago

I was less than 8 games when like original Mortal Kombat and Splatterhouse were out. I played and enjoyed them to death back then and till now I still haven't turned into a mass murdering psychopath or outcastish type that these anti-gamers suggest (Not to mention the healthy diet of 18+ movies and other stuff).

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