Digtal Chumps: Polar Panic Review

Digital Chumps writes: "speaking, Polar Panic is good at being a typical puzzle game. The amount of strategy you have to calculate in the limited amount of movements to make to escape a stage is nothing short of brilliant and frustrating. My wife and I worked our way through 40+ stages in the puzzle mode of the game (yes there are multiple modes; we'll talk about this later). Each stage increased in difficulty. The first seven or eight were primer stages that were meant for you to get use to the processes the game was throwing at you. You would start out with simply shifting ice blocks and avoiding hazards with baseball bats to sliding a box of explosives to get rid of cracked walls that stood in your way. What's always been bothersome about puzzle games is the lack of variety when it comes to figuring out stages. With Polar Panic, the different add-ons to make it through a stage (such as explosives, activator buttons or different types of ice) creates a nice bit of depth in the game that you don't find in a lot of games in this genre."

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