BeefJack: Has the Internet Destroyed the Puzzle Element in Video Games?

BeefJack writes: Now yes, all sorts of comparisons have been thrown at Darksiders as of late. Comparisons to Zelda being the main culprit, and while I'm sure you're sick of hearing all about that it did bring up an interesting point. During Darksiders I only got stuck from time to time on a puzzle here and there, but I pressed on and found myself trudging through the adventure with little to no problems.

When I came up against Silitha (that's the big spider boss by the way) I found myself with a problem I couldn't over come. I simply didn't know how to beat her, and if what I was attempting to do was the right thing. There's nothing worse than fighting a boss that doesn't show any signs of damage or if you're fighting them correctly, something which was just down to bad design.

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Halfofme3194d ago

They sure don't make 'em like they used to that one's for sure. The Internet probably isn't helping things either.

Halfofme3194d ago

They sure don't make puzzles like they used to that one's for sure. The Internet probably isn't helping things either.

Cyrus3653193d ago

With guides and walktrhoughs on the internet, it has taking a bit of the challenge away from a game, cause if you get stuck, your one click away from reading it, and playing through that section. hell Now there is video walk through, so all you have to do is watch, and replicate the scenario, and your fine.

mrv3213193d ago

No, don't be stupid. Puzzles have simply moved into other genres while puzzle only games are reserved for quirky Japanease games and brain trainers.

Theendguy3193d ago

It really depends on the game and what you want from it. Obviously with the Internet if you want to know a solution, you'll find it; I don't think though that this lessens a puzzle in a game. If you really want to play it "right", you just don't use a FAQ.

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