Mass Effect 2: Galactic battle Geforce versus Radeon

PCGH has graphics card benchmarks of the Mass Effect 2 PC version. They tested 15 cards with two graphics settings and three resolutions (1280 x 1024, 1680 x 1050, 1920 x 1200). According to their results AMD's Radeon HD 5000 series is doing quite well and the HD 5870 is, depending on the settings, up to 41 percent faster than the Geforce GTX 285.

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GamerPS3603190d ago

they forgot 5970. Oh well, I can bench myself when I get game.

Nihilism3190d ago

haha, your benchmark will look a little something like this

Resolution: 1920x1200
Settings: Maximum
AA: 24csaa
AF: 16

Average Frames: 60
Minimum Frames: 60
Maximum Frames: 60

Letros3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

Will be enjoying ME2 at 1080p60, v-sync'd of course =)

PrimordialSoupBase3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

The frame rate is so high on nearly all cards that the difference won't be noticeable to the human eye.

Nihilism3190d ago

ahaha, you still believe that B.S, whatever makes you feel better

Chris3993190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

I'm using two 4870s and have been for quite a while and the performance ration is well above any NVidia card I have ever used. For a card almost two years old, it's incredible that it can still run EVERYTHING I throw at it. The architecture has scaled incredibly well. In general, PC components are not known for their longevity.

Admittedly, the catalyst tools were lacking, back in the day, but I even find them vastly improved (now) over the NVidia drivers.

Letros3190d ago

Something inside me still prefers Nvidia's drivers, mostly due to game profiles.

Solidus187-SCMilk3190d ago

could have a little to do with the fact that the xbox uses an ATI card too and it might be more optimised toward ATI card.

thats just a theory but I looks like any high end card will preform fine.

I bet my geforce 512mb 9600GSO would be decent for this game but my processor and ram are pretty weak.

ps360owner093190d ago

I have owned a laptop with an nvidia graphics card and now I have one with ati and I can tell you the difference is night and day
I know laptops are usually frowned at for gaming but I've been impressed with the 1gig gddr3 ati 4650 in my sony vaio fw. Unlike my laptop with the nvidia graphics card I can game for hours and the laptop barely gets warm and it feels more stable. I can play dragon age origins at 1080p and get a good 25-30 fps. And I can play bioshock, cod 4, the witcher, and fear 2 at 1080p and get 40-60 fps. I decided on the sony after I heard about the problems with dell.

Jager3190d ago

So, how will my 9600m GS with 1GB GDDR3 do? it played ME1 at higest settings withouut hiccups..

Nihilism3190d ago

I thought you were getting a new GPU

Jager3190d ago

i play on my laptop currently, getting a PC / new stuff for other PC is currently stalled due to other expenses that are of higher importance.

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