BlackSite: Area 51 interview: PS3 version, AI, Halo 3, co-op, new demo

CVG's interview with Ricardo Bare, lead campaign designer of BlackSite: Area 51, about PS3 version, AI, Halo 3, co-op, new demo and more.

From the interview:

CVG: What can you tell us about the co-op mode?

Ricardo Bare: It'll be like Gears of War. You can have one friend join the game with you at any point and play through the game together. It'll be the same features as the single-player campaign; your squad will still be there. Player one is the squad commander and player two is an extra special forces soldier.

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drtysouf215151d ago

Played this demo on my 360 its going to be a good game. Can't wait till this is released.

socomnick5151d ago

I tried demo thought it was ok not that good. seemed like a run of the mill fps pretty mediocre.

ThisIsWaiting5151d ago

Its always more fun to play the SP online with one of your buds.

Hayabusa 1175151d ago

"Some people subscribe to the fact that when something really huge comes out, it helps the other two or three really good games that also come out, because you want more FPS action."

The problem, as I see it, is that Halo 3 is going to keep most gamers busy until they forget about the other games (that is, the games released at the same time as Halo 3).

That's what i think anyway.