Mass Effect 2: First 8 Minutes Leaked

A new video of Mass Effect 2 emerged, which shows the first eight minutes of the upcoming sci-fi RPG.

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THE MAX SPEED 213195d ago

there's a 30min gameplay video in the pending section that came out yesterday.

LukaX233195d ago

LOL. The WHOLE GAME is leaked on JTV. Check the archives at

Traveler3195d ago

Hmm I didn't really want to spoil it for myself but I couldn't resist. That got me really excited to play it. Looks very good.

Saaking3194d ago

I'm not gonna watch it. I only need to wait 4 more days to see for myself.

otherZinc3194d ago

I'll find the culprit that incapacitated The Normandy!

JANF3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

Color me impressed, i never thought it would look this good. [email protected] is right up there with the best on the graphic dept.

u got owned3194d ago

OMG! That was awesome, cant wait to get this game. Epic.

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Myst3195d ago

To watch, or not to watch or not to watch...

*moves the mouse back and forth over the play button trying to decide*

cky49873195d ago

The game leaked online a couple days ago.

tudors3195d ago (Edited 3195d ago )

there is no difference, it's all game engine, 360 maxed out my ass, amazing, this is right up there with UC2.

militant073195d ago

360 maxed out your butt?

Pistolero3195d ago

I know what you mean tudors...this looks definitely is right up there with Uncharted 2....I actually think the character models look a little better than Uncharted 2...but anyway it doesn't matter, they are both amazing looking games in their own ways.

Gobuz3195d ago

You guys are on too much crack, how can you compare that to UC2 and keep a straight face lol. UC2 blows that to pieces for looks, you guys need to wake up and stop being so desperate.

Just enjoy the game and stop trying to compare it to UC2, there is no equal.

97gsx3195d ago

I cant wait for this game either but lets not compare the 360 version to uncharted 2.

el zorro3195d ago

It looks pretty close. Whose to say which one looks better? They have different art styles and different graphical approaches. Of course PS3 fans will say Uncharted 2 looks better, but I don't think you can directly compare them.

peterdawa3194d ago

have too say im impressed

divideby03194d ago

ME is a buy game for me on the PC and I do own a 360
Comparing it to just pubically embarrassed yourself.
Sure is ok to be a fan, but a come on have some self respect

militant073194d ago

Uncharted 2 gaphic is way overrated, its good looking game not the best but diffently one of the best.

people who says uncharted 2 is graphicly far better than other games

should play more games...

Syaz13194d ago

but it certainly came close, very close to it. from what i observed, me2 has more jaggies, some low-res textures as well as occassional but not severe framerate drop, but if it wasn't for that it would have been neck-to-neck with uc2.

Udidntlistenpunk3194d ago

Anyone who has played UC2 knows that ME2 cant even hold a candle against Uncharted ONE, let alone UC2.

thewhoopimen3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

If it surpassed UC2 in graphics, the critics would've said so already... They haven't.

Animation is exactly around where Dragon Ages is, meaning not fully mo-capped, with lot of standard gross animations. Particle effects, fire, and explosion aren't even on par with Bioshocks. Texture detail on characters is where this game shines and it proves why more work is done these days to character models than anything else in the game. Voice work is about Dragon Age's level of quality.

I love Bioware games and plan to get this title, but let's not kid ourselves on where a Bioware game shines. It is for the great dialogue, character development, plotlines, and branched choices/endings that make Bioware games surpass 99% of the titles out there.

JokesOnYou3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

Some downplay ME2's level of detail graphics but they never show comparison pic's, real quick I just put up some from IGN, gametrailer vid:



The proof is right here in the pudding, *Note click on ME2 pic's to see the insane amount of detail in the charachters, ME2 looks slightly sharper and more realistic compared to UC2, but in fairness that has alot to do with the settings and art style still ME2's graphics are a bit more polished imo, although UC2's animation is more fluid but either way there's no way anybody in their right mind can't say they both don't look amazing, its clear that both have so much quality and detail packed in that picking which is better comes down completely to personal preference.


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Tesselation 3603195d ago

That looks the most graphically impressive game i have seen. Astonishing well done bioware, EA and Microsoft.

ColdFire3195d ago

But I can think of plenty of games with better graphics. Anyhow, I'm buying it for the story and gameplay.

peterdawa3194d ago

Tesselation 360, i believe you want it to look like the best graphics you have seen but the reality is different.