NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja Heroes Gameplay Details with 9 New Screens

Exclusively developed for North America and Europe, NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja Heroes is the first ever wireless enabled fighting game based on the Naruto universe on PSP delivering both intense single and multiplayer team based fighting experience For the first time, you can create your dream squad of powerful ninja from the rich universe of Naruto to battle against your friends and trade your player profile via ad-hoc connection. Power-up your favorite characters to create your own custom ninja. Form your favorite ninja team as it appears in the cartoon or create the ultimate dream team to take on your rivals! There are 20 playable characters and 8 interactive stages to battle on. Soar through the ninja ranks to become the ultimate Hokage.

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TriggerHappy4798d ago

isn't this the same game that have been available in Japan for over a year now >

Primal Rex4798d ago

Naruto,s good but Bleach is better .... Bring out some bleach based games already ichigo rocks....BANKI....

TriggerHappy4798d ago

Am playing Bleach 4 right now and i must say, that game is very fun. However, is in Japanese so it kinda sucks.

drtysouf214798d ago

I hope they bring a version to the PS3 but i'll be getting the 360 one later this year.

DiLeCtioN4798d ago

i had heat the soul 3 on psp (hack 1.5) until i updated my psp...haa i had free games y did i upd8 dam dam :[

sumfood4u4798d ago (Edited 4798d ago )

BTW if there are any Naruto Fans besides me go to Dailymotion FTW. It play all Naruto videos, episode 1-91 english an it's better than You Tube Believe It!

DiLeCtioN4798d ago

all episoes am watching shippden now its awesome ODAMA RASENGAN!!! lol