Modern Warfare 2's Top 10 Hardest Callsigns

A top ten list of the hardest callsigns to get in Modern Warfare 2.

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ottoman_2393218d ago

Not all of those are difficult, i got the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 8th, and 10th callsigns on that list. maybe some others on that list 2 im not sure i will have 2 check.

retrofly3218d ago

Lol did they pick them at random, I've got half of those titles. The perfectionist title is one of the easiest titles to get, same with flashbang, just get somone in last stand and doink em on the head with the flashbang, can do the same with semtex, I would have the "dopping crates" title to but I did it before I prestiged which you need to do beofre getting the title :(.

Nihilism3218d ago

Finishing a match without a glitch breaking the game ZIIIIING!

CSGrey-Fox3218d ago

Yeah you're right about perfectionist, why the hell didn't they chose the LMG one? That's gotta be much harder than the sniper where you have at minimum only 5 bullets, bit of a pants list really.

Guido3218d ago

I would have had that title a thousand times over. Sorry, but the game is not as bad you or others might want us to believe. I have ten days in on the time spent playing counter and have prestige several times over and find the game to be a blast. Sure it has its issues but they are not nearly as bad as some would make it out to be.

Of course, I play the PS3 version so maybe that makes a difference.

Wrathman3218d ago

i think droppin crates is the only one i havent got.tho i have gifted it to 2 people.but not for the kill cam.

StanLee3218d ago

I have all of them except Droppin' Crates. Funny thing is, I constantly dropped care packages on myself or teammates.

Government Cheese3218d ago

I have every single one of those lol, and I suck at the game, only a 1.58 k/d...

TheDeadMetalhead3218d ago

If you use the <3 callsign, everybody will think you're a girl. It's pretty funny.

As for the list, Dictator (empty entire LMG clip without missing) is harder than Perfectionist.

Bloodraid3217d ago

How this qualifies for news is beyond me...

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dalibor3218d ago

Challenge: “Droppin’ Crates” - Get a Game Winning Killcam by dropping a crate on the enemy.

I have yet to kill an enemy with a care package but I did manage to kill one of my own teammates with a crate. I laughed my @ss off lol. When I first tried using a care package I actually killed myself, had no idea that it would kill you.

Ve3tro3218d ago

I also killed myself the first time I called in a Care Package, typically as well it was an AC130 and someone else stole it.

Ve3tro3218d ago

I have all of those apart from “Droppin’ Crates” - Get a Game Winning Killcam by dropping a crate on the enemy.

They aint exactly hard lol, maybe the Nuke one can be tricky and time consuming.

The Meerkat3218d ago

I got the 'All Pro' with the AK47 from half way across the map. That killcam must have pi$$ed them off.

I use Omnicide, Kill entire team within 10 seconds.

hmmmm3218d ago

i got the all pro one with the SPAS-12 shotgun :)


lol, love the disagrees.... someone is feeling good today.

I got it with the M16 i be honest i have most of those but have no idea when i got them.

edhe3218d ago

I got it with m16 defending the hole on wasteland

vickers5003217d ago

I got it with the M9 pistol on quarry going up the hill (not the walkway looking one, the other one)towards the exploding barrels.

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LazyRobot3218d ago

I have seen the 'End of the Line' title a lot while playing but have never been hit by a nuke =/

I wouldn't say that the 'Perfectionist' one was that hard though

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