50% Off Select PSN Games @ Amazon


"Amazon has a handful of Playstation Network games discounted 50%!

Here is the list:

Critter Crunch (PS3) - $3.49 (Normally $6.99)
Burn Zombie Burn (PS3) - $4.99 (Normally $9.99)
Kurulin Fusion (PSP) - $2.49 (Normally $4.99)

We highly recommend these games at that price...

Check out the rest:"

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DRUDOG3218d ago

Critter Crunch and Burn Zombie Burn are worth the full price so they are definitely must-buys at those prices.

Harry_Manback3218d ago

Critter Crunch and Braid for me.

A Cupcake for Gabe3218d ago

Critter Crunch is $3.49 on the PSN now so I bought that.

I'm glad I waited until Thursday, so I saved on it. Had enough to get PixelJunk Shooter too! PSN gaming is really getting good.

Anyone know how good Shatter is?

Ven10003218d ago

Sony is offering these same games on sale too during their 10 for 10 Sale. What I'm interested to see if whether or not Amazon will start to offer sales even when Sony isn't. That's the clincher right there. Especially if other retailers start to pick up PSN games.

Mr_Bun3218d ago

I don't know where you are from, but Amazon charges me tax as well, which begs the question that Pennywise asked below

harrisk9543218d ago

PSN doesn't charge tax (at least not in Florida).

Harry_Manback3218d ago

PSN charges me tax but Amazon doesn't.

I guess it all depends where you're at.

Crimsonite3218d ago

It depends on the state you live in.When I had my address set in new york they charged me taxes but when I found out my brother doesnt get charged in nevada I switched my psn address.Now I no longer pay taxes on psn.

duplissi3218d ago

im pretty sure they dont charge tax for maine...

Ahmay3218d ago

psn don't charge tax in cali too..

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Pennywise3218d ago

Why would I buy this from amazon instead of Sony?

SCThor3218d ago

maybe you're... work and your console at home
2.-...away from your console for "x" reasons, and when you get back home the offer may have expired. amazon freak and you have some amazon coupon to spare.

Pennywise3218d ago

It's nice there is other sources to buy... but I will buy this stuff direct. I wonder how Amazon makes any money on these selling them the same price as Sony.

SCThor3218d ago

That's "free" advertising for Sony. I'm pretty sure Amazon gets a % for every psn game sold

Vitalogy3218d ago

How come never do this things?

Fairchild Channel F3218d ago

Think I might try Critter Crunch. Wish I would have waited till now for Braid.

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