PlayStation Store Global Update 01/21/2010

Want to see which region got what content? Look no further, as PlayStation LifeStyle has done the searching for you and compiled a list of what's new in this week's PlayStation Store Update, for all regions across the globe.

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ClownBelt3190d ago

Just wondering...can I play PS one classic if I buy one from the Europe store? I live in Canada by the way..

ftwrthtx3190d ago

Yes you can, but if you want to play it on your PSP, you'll have to activate the account it was purchased under (it's done for you when you copy the game to your psp) and that activation will make all other games on your PSP useless until you reactivate the original account.

ClownBelt3190d ago

Awesome! I was thinking of buying Vagrant Story.

JonnyBigBoss3190d ago

Critter Crunch is a must-have fellas!

ftwrthtx3190d ago

If it had remote play I would have bought it already.

Slappy McGee3190d ago

Hardly any demo's on PSN. One of the reasons i switched to xbox this gen. I like to try before i buy. Still doesn't mean there aren't some nice games on PSN, you just don't know what you're getitng until after you pay for it.

Myst3190d ago

It shouldn't be? I'm on right now about to play Uncharted 2 co-op.

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