Inside Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online

Over the past 11 years, Tiger Woods has helped Electronic Arts sell over 25 million golf games. That's a good incentive for the sports game maker to stand by Tiger amidst his public fall from grace with multiple infidelities. In addition to announcing new console versions of Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11 for this June, the sports giant talked about its new online golf game, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online.

EA Sports is opening up the game of golf to anyone who owns a PC. And they don't even need to make the trip to the videogame store. Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online is a new subscription-based game that will play on any PC or Mac. Greg Rinaldi, producer of the game, talks about what this new game offers to the more mainstream golfers looking to play through some holes at work or get their fix during a rainy day. The open beta for the game is now available for free to play. Later this year, EA Sports will introduce a subscription-based tier system for online play.

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