2 New Perfect Scores for Mass Effect 2

TMC: Only 5 days left for the release of Mass Effect 2 and more magazine review scores start to appear on the internet. This time from X360 magazine and Total PCGaming both handing a perfect 10 to the game.

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360hasnogamesfor20103218d ago

"X360 magazine "

ummm strange...

Alcon Caper3218d ago

how bout it's a good game...

Rockox3218d ago

Nah, that can't be it.


talltony3218d ago

I don't even like rpg's but I find this one appealing cause it's more of a shooter with a great story. I might check it out when I have nothing else to play.

Udidntlistenpunk3217d ago

As from 2005, not one 360 exclusive has received a low score. THAT MEANS EVERYONE OF THE 360 EXCLUSIVES GETS AN 8 OR HIGHER.

Its almost ridiculous. Games like Halo Wars, Banjo, Ninja Blade, even Too human (just a few examples but certainly not limited to these games). All games which we KNOW to be mediocre, all of these received nothing but praise from these 360 magazines and some supposedly "independant" magazines like Joystick, Edge, Eurogames, Gametrailers and lately even IGN.

What do you make of it? A new Halo? Automatically a perfect 10. Splinter cell? BET YOUR ASS THATS GONNA GET A 9 WHEN THERE IS NO HYPE AT ALL FROM THE NON 360 CROWD.

Who the hell is gonna buy a 360 for the 360 2010 mediocre line up. Lmao dont make me laugh.

Pillville3217d ago


funny, i was think the opposite:

I don't even like shooters but I find this one appealing cause it's more of a rpg with a great story. I might check it out when I have nothing else to play.

talltony3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

lol everyone has different I guess.

Pillville3217d ago

that's why they mix genres, to get a larger audience.
like when reese's put chocolate and peanut butter together.

and that's why i liked Fallout 3 so much it's a
FPS\TPS\Action\Adventure\Retr o\Sci-Fi\RPG.

if Fallout 3 could have thrown in
online\city-building\football \chinese-girl-on-rooftop\preten d-to-play-guitar
it would have been extra awesome!

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Solidus187-SCMilk3218d ago

cant wait till Tuesday when my mass will be effected.

Unicron3218d ago

Woohoo! Can't wait to dig in.

I have a feeling I'm gonna enjoy this more than FFXIII, if what I read is true.

GamerSciz3218d ago

I don't have a doubt that this game will kick some serious ass but is anyone else getting tired of seeing games get a perfect 10? I mean it's like ratings don't mean much anymore.

Unicron3218d ago

Ratings mean jack. Always have, always will. It's what's written that's most important. I had more fun with Army of Two than I did with RE5, for example.

THE MAX SPEED 213218d ago

10/10 because the game is that EPIC.

watch the 30 minute Intro on the pending section. it's movie like

BeaArthur3218d ago

Ratings are meaningful only as an average. You can't base your purchasing behavior on just one score or one specific reviewer. ME2 will probably have a metascore of over 90% which means it's a damn good game. Just stick to score averages and you should be fine.

nycredude3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

Can't wait to play this... but my xbox 360 has been making alot of noise lately and I've been getting (on and off) an e68 message! Anyone knows what the hell this is? I might have to go with the pc on this one.

Edit: NVM I googled it. Seems to be a hdd failure or a result of having an external fan plugged in. Hope it's the fan cause i don't want to buy another hdd.

I totally understand how some people can go through so many 360. When you game alot you collect alot of games and saves and friends online. Eventually you grow attached to your console and when it all of a sudden dies it's suck!!!!! You may be mad and curse at MS but eventually you will suck it up and buy another. I personally game alot more on my Ps3 but I like to have the 360 cause there are games I like on it also. If this one dies i will probably buy another just to have it for the exclusives. Dual console FTW!

Edit 2: WTF why did I get a disagree? Someone probably doesn't believe I have an xbox 360. I would post a pic with it and my user name... if I gave a crap.

It's perfectly fine to prefer one over the other. My thing is if you own both consoles then you are allow to bash all you want. What I can't stand is when people only have one and bash the other like they know any better. That being said it really hard to find a balance between teh two consoles. My rule of thumb is buy all the exclusives for the the consoles and buy the multiplats for the ones you have more friends on. I don't really care about the differences in multiplats as they are usually marginal and can't be seen unless with the naked eye.

BTW have you tried going on home yet? They have added some cool games recently and all is free. Sodium is crazy fun!

Add me if you want..
Xbox Live: Pending I am not much of an online playing to pay for it.

StanLee3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

Dude, my XBox 360 RROD'd last night after 3 plus years of faithful service. I thought I was going be one of the lucky ones. I certainly screamed a few fcuk you's at Microsoft for their piece of sh*t console but I'm probably gonna go buy an Arcade this weekend. I never understood how people have gone through 3 and 4 consoles but now I understand. It feels like my whole social life, family and friends are on XBox Live.


Yeah, I was on my PS3 for much of last night and I felt lonely. I realise that I really invested a lot more in XBL than I did PSN. I'm kind of commiting now to do much more of my gaming on the PS3. I was playing Darksiders, Army of Two, Assassins Creed 2 and Modern Warfare 2 all on my XBox 360 and I have no intentions of starting over so I am almost committed to buying a new XBox 360. Had I spread them out a bit, I could have one or two of those titles to play on my PS3 and that sucks. I know I'm going to get a lot of flack because people see me as a bit of an XBox 360 fanboy but I do think each console offers a great experience, I just had my preference. Too bad it's bitten me in the ass.

Digitaldude3218d ago

2/3 reviews being from Xbox sites.
Cant wait for other reviews.

Highatus3218d ago

Man i gotta wrap up the first quick! Cant wait to play this.

Strikepackage Bravo3218d ago

Tuesday, most likely won't be around here for a while, kinda like when Forza III came out LOL. This new launch trailer is Epic by the way.

Rockox3218d ago

All I know is I'm going to love this game, "perfect score" or no.

Mr Marbles3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

I've never seen that one, the music alone gives goose bumps.

Is it just me or does that Maranda chick have, well, let me clean it up for this zone, a very round and plentyfull womanhood shall we say? Get what Im sayin? And not just in back *wink wink*

Not sure why they hadda make that like that. My wife was like, why is her body so perfect? LOL!!! Thats what wives say when they are jealous :) I know, crazy, its a game for crying out loud.

FACTUAL evidence3218d ago

I'm getting this on my 360, but i bet if this game was multi-plat it wouldn't have gotten passed a 9.

Troll_Police3218d ago


I call shenanigans. There's no way an Xbox can last over 3 years.

gaffyh3218d ago

@stanlee - Fix it yourself, search X-Clamp fix on ebay. It is much more of a permanent fix than Microsoft's method.

StanLee3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

Just bought an Elite at [email protected] so I'm ready for Mass Effect 2 next week as I already preordered. I'm going to really commit more time and games to my PS3.

@ Troll Police

Dude fcuk off. Search my post history, I've always said I've had my XBox 360 for more that 2 years with not one problem. I really thought I had gotten a gem. Anyway, regardless, got a new Elite. Actually getting a data migration kit from Microsoft on the phone as we speak. Too bad I have to pay $13 for it. Scratch that $14 plus; taxes. Fcuking crooks! SMH!

@ gaffyh

And yeah, I'm going to fix it myself. The 20 gig HD is about obsolete though.

duplissi3218d ago

ya ive got to wrap up my 2nd playthrough of ME with my adept..5 days, well 4ish if you go to the midnight launch.

midnight on the 25th cant come sooner.

Saaking3218d ago

I expect high scores for this game, but so far the reviews are mostly from Xbox sites and some PC sites. Xbox mags are known for giving exclusive multiplats (see how stupid that sounds?) higher scores.

vhero3217d ago

a 360 magazine giving a game not coming on ps3 a perfect score? SHOCK!!!

Silentmerc3nary3217d ago

Of course people still pay attention to reviews.
There was a storm when OXM gave Mass effect 2 a 9.5/10

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Karooo3218d ago

not a paid review fcking epic this game is.

DelbertGrady3218d ago

Rack 'em up! :)

Can't wait to play this epic masterpiece!

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