Top Ten Reasons to Own a PlayStation 3

Gamervision says, "Two years back, we wrote a few articles about how sick and tired we were of people complaining about the "Console Wars." It has been a while, things have changed since the last time we actually sat down and looked at it, and it's time, yet again, to think about the best reasons there are to own each console. First up, the PlayStation 3.

7. David Jaffe

David Jaffe is sort of an ass; he's like the PlayStation 3's Cliffy B. The difference between the two, however, is that Cliff has spent the generation blowing away gamers with Gears of War, and Jaffe made Calling All Cars and spends most of his time yelling at the internet on twitter. Still, he's the creator of both God of War and Twisted Metal, and if he could create both of those series, there's no doubt that he can create wonderful games again. We don't know about you, but that's a card we'd like to have in our hand."

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HighDefinition3190d ago

You wanta play the most ammount of the best games of 2010 you`ll need to PS3 to do that. Plus it doesn`t seem to be slowing down on how rapidly it`s games are technically surpassing the other HD console.

2011 will most likely be a gem for the PStray aswell.

The only games I`ll be buying for my 360 this year is SC:C and ME2, whoa.......... I`ll be buying more games for my PS3 in the next 2 months. MAG, Heavy Rain, GOWIII.....see you NEED a PS3.

Game On Gamers.

MasFlowKiller3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

09. Games
08. Games
07. Games
06. Games
05. Games
04. Games
03. Games
02. Games
01. Games

Everything else is just a bonus.
For the past 2 years Sony has had the highest rated lineup in the industry, Just looking at the first haft of K10 i dont see any other lineup coming close to what sony has.

lordkemp0073190d ago

These types of articles always seem to play down the FREE WEB BROWSER.

I am using it right now to type this while i am simultaneously snaffling a dvd quality copy of Sherlock Holmes to play for FREE on my ps3 hard drive for keeps.

Its a fantastic feature to browse whatever you want on your HD TV in the living room.
Sony should advertise this advantage a whole lot more.

jalen2473190d ago

I can come up with a better list but I am too lazy to type them out. LOL.

jalen2473190d ago

Well, I guess I will just type it out.

Here is my list

1. PS3 exclusives
2. Cell Processor's computational power
3. Blu-ray for games and movies
4. Laptop Hard drive standard in every system
5. Built in Wi-Fi
6. Internet Browser
7. Free PSN
8. Reliability
9. Arguably the best motion control implementation
10. HD 3D capability for movies and games