Tiger Woods 2011 To Be Released This June

It appears as though one of Tiger Woods last remaining endorsement contracts shows no signs of evaporating into the air. EA announced their latest game in the Tiger Woods PGA Tour franchise will be hitting store shelves this June. They also released the open Beta of their anticipated Tiger Woods Online (a browser based foray into the series with rather impressive visuals and the returning '3 click' mechanic).

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IanCube4122d ago

Glad to see they're keeping pace with this series, regardless of Tiger's personal issues.

Tiger 2010 on Wii was amazing with MotionPlus.

indiemike4122d ago

I was a little surprised that they stuck with Tiger, but I guess everything blows over, it isn't that much of a big deal anymore.

IanCube4122d ago

Honestly, it could help Tiger to have a successful game out this summer if he isn't playing. Keeps his name in a good light...then again if the game tanks...

HighDefinition4122d ago

They should make a mini game where you play as Ealin and have to smack trucks and chicks w/ golf clubs.

IanCube4122d ago

It could be like that Burger King game they made a few years back for the 360 called "Sneak King". Anyone remember that?

indiemike4122d ago

With all the mini games that have been in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10, maybe this one could make it.

Or there could be a "hit the tree with your car" mini game.

belal4122d ago

called tiger's wood HAHAHA

ScottBarkman4122d ago

hahah oh man - the jokes will never end. Gotta admit, Tiger 2010 is outstanding.

IanCube4122d ago

Wonder if Tiger or Conan's porno would sell more? :p

Seriously though I want the new TW 2011 for Wii now!

indiemike4122d ago

By June, will his controversy be a non-story? Does anyone think sales will be affected by all of his shenanigans?

Because as it is, people buy Tiger Woods games. I'm curious if there will be any sort of dip. Stuff is still getting brought up, and something happens that makes it a hot issue as it nears the game's release, I could see EA Sports delaying it.

IanCube4122d ago

I think a lot of it will be around his returning to golf. If he still isn't playing by June or when the game comes out, that would make it newsworthy again.

HighDefinition4122d ago

It`ll sell more than normal.


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