Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online Launches into Beta

Today, Tigers Woods PGA Tour Online Launches into open beta. So get that browser ready for some club and ball action.

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online is an authentic golf simulation experience that is dynamically

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EA Sports Game Downloads for under $20

This week, download select EA Sports games for $20 or less. Plus, you’ll get the same amount you spend back in promotional credit to buy more EA Sports Games. Customers who buy Fifa Soccer 2012 for $20 can get Fifa Manager 2012, Fifa Soccer 2011, and Fifa Soccer 2010 for free.

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Tiger Woods 12 Balance Board Swing Comparison

David Kenson writes "Tiger Woods 12 manages to squeeze out a few more improvements on Tiger Woods 11's already full rostrum of options. Like last year, MotionPlus allows the game to capture a one-to-one backwards and forwards stroke, but now it adds the Balance board into the swing equation for the first time."

He provides a comparison of the different version of Tiger on the Wii, which highlights the up-and-down nature of the EA franchise.

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holdmykidney4567d ago

That's a very thorough look at the last five titles in the series as compared to the latest. I have to say that I'm occasionally addicted to golf games, although I prefer them on the arcade-y side (I loved Sensi Golf on the Amiga!). If I take the plunge again this will be really helpful!

paulgovan4567d ago

There was a Seni-golf?!! Why did no one tell me about this!

holdmykidney4567d ago

Sensible Golf on the Amiga sold very badly and was considered a commercial failure, I believe; but, I thought it was an excellent title.

GaryMcC4567d ago

Not 100% sure about using the balance board. I suppose it isn't as vigorous as Raving Rabbids but the board isn't as stable as a golf course. Interesting use of the board though.

btk4566d ago

Noe this seems interesting...

DoFuss4564d ago

Good grief... well I guess if I played golf this could be an amazing teaching tool. As I don't Ill have to play it with features all turned off if I want any hope of success. Still good for EA to at least be trying to make use of the Wii peripherals and iterating on a franchise on a console where most developers just pump out lazy ports.


Why I Stopped Buying The Tiger Woods Franchise

Teh at takes a look at the Tiger Woods franchise and its decline of quality over the years. Through the use of facts and cultural puns, Teh brings us an opinion piece that you don't want to miss out on anytime soon.

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4641d ago Replies(1)
allyc4t4641d ago

The last and best golfing game I played was Links 2004 for the Xbox. It was an absolute blast with 3 other friends or through the old XSN leagues. I miss that game.

Rob Hornecker4641d ago

I wonder why MS has never brought Links golf to the Xbox 360? This is truly a injustice! I have always been a fan of Links golf since the days of the Amiga.

John Daly powerstroke golf was to come out this past holiday season, but after getting lousy reviews,it has been pushed back to late spring 2011. The BIG question is will the release delay make it any better?

Like the author of this story,I was a big fan of TWG for many years with my favorite edition being in 2004 with the "Tiger Vision" feature. The "Tiger vision" feature made it easy for non-console golfers to enjoy the challange of putting.

After TWG 2009,I decided that that was it for me and the TWG games. They have become so hard to play( driving,putting ) that playing it to the point of enjoyment was just not there and spent my gaming $$$ elsewhere.

This year though, I may break down and buy "the Masters" as I miss a good console golf game!

RaymondM4641d ago

I've always hated golf games, I just dont see the lure of golfing games since they're both so boring.
Also, yes it would be fun to have the south park tiger woods fighting game. Pre-nup power-up!

yamzilla4641d ago (Edited 4641d ago )

This is quite off topic but....

whats absolutely crazy, I feel bad for Tiger, sure, he is a cheating a-hole, but he had to give his wife like 500 million dollars, this is an embarrasment, think about it, his stupid wife get's 500 million for not putting out, what a stain on society.

While some guy's wife who gets the shit beat out of her by his druken worthless ass, gets half a carton of newports and some state paid reconstructive surgery.

There should be a cap for what a woman is entitled to, she does nothing and gets everything.

The limit a woman should be allowed to get in a divorce should be like $50,000

alright lady, go off on you own, heres 50 g's, shiiiiit, Tigers wife would be blowing him right now then giving him a pedicure if she knew leaving only ment 50 g's.

Dsnyder4641d ago

Moral of the story? Never get married. Ever.

Rob Hornecker4641d ago

LOL!!! I agree! Have a bubble Homey!

T3MPL3TON 4640d ago

Lol, Seriously.. don't get married.

Rob Hornecker4640d ago

To my fellow gaming bachelor,Joe,You deserve a bubble too!

DeathMetal14744641d ago

not 500, I'm a big golf nut so I follow this stuff, but yeah everything you said is dead on. She was a nanny before she met Tiger. that does not pay that well.

Dsnyder4641d ago

Tiger woods makes golf interesting.