Sony Sizes Up Xbox Live

Eric Lempel, director of PlayStation Network operations, believes that PSN and Xbox Live are currently operating on a roughly level playing field. He also admits that Sony may one day charge for PSN and reveals improvements to the service currently in development.

Speaking to Geoff Keighley on the latest edition of Gametrailers' Bonus Round, Lempel said that there was little to differentiate Xbox Live and PSN offerings to consumers bar the price. However, Lempel indicated that as the service grows, PSN may not always be available for free.

"Microsoft had a year jump on us for the launch and essentially we're offering a lot of the same stuff. I don't think there's a big difference in exactly what we're offering when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of what's actually there for the consumer… We're not charging money for our service. That's a key differentiating factor."

However, that could be open to change in the future.

"Right now that's our model. In time anything can change but right now we're happy with it."

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DADO4727d ago

This has been posted several times before, why even bother to start a flame war.

InMyOpinion4726d ago (Edited 4726d ago )

This is off-topic. To the ones who have devoted their lives to keep me from getting more bubbles. Could you please lay off?

I haven't said anything provoking the last couple of weeks and still I lose my second bubble as soon as I get it handed to me. If you don't agree with me or think I'm a complete loser, click the 'disagree' button or reply on my comment. The way you act is straight nazi...

On topic. It's good to see Sony's online network is shaping up.

DrWan4727d ago

just go watch the video directly, why read about someone else's intepretation which can often contain bias instead of portraying the original truth..

PS360WII4727d ago

"Eric Lempel, director of PlayStation Network operations, has said that the company may one day charge for PSN"


dustin25244727d ago

if you actually watch the interview he says nothing like that.

The guy asks him "you guys will never charge for online?"
and he said "currently that is out model, and in time anything can change." So he didn't say that someday people will be paying. He pretty much just said that anything could happen so people don't attack him in a couple years if they do end up charging, which the chance is low.

uxo224727d ago

I mean to be honest with you, he did just quash it right then and there and say "NO" we will not charge for our service. Which I interpret exactly as the writer, someday sony may charge for the service. I'm not saying they actually will or when they will, but he DID NOT say that they will not. He left it open, and from my understanding, it was never left open before.

Also, remember bottom line they are in it to make money.

beast4726d ago

Why would he say they will never charge for it. He is not in the position to make that statement. All he can say is right now that not our buisness model. That logic of why didnt he absolutely say no , All he said was This is not our business model and i dont know what could happen. For example for Live it could be right now we are charging but who knows maybe it will change.

badkolo4727d ago (Edited 4727d ago )

whereever he gets his crack thats where we all need to get our crack, case thats some crazy crack.

To open his MOUTH and even have the balls as to say that they are on the same level proves hes on crack.

Nothing and noone is going to tell me that the psn network is even remotely close as to what LIVE is and delivers, not even close.
Free or not the psn needs many overhauls and reworks and tons of stuff added before its even remotely close. I have a ps3 and a 360 so this aint a troll rant its fact. try them both then argue otherwise.

Amplifier4727d ago (Edited 4727d ago )

Fact! You pay for peer to peer online gaming, I don't!

You need to have your head examed because online gaming on the PSN is far superior to online gaming on Xbox Live, period!

As far as features, yes Xbox Live has them in spades but what it really boils down to is that playing online for free with dedicated servers.

Were as you have to depend on someone else to have a decent connection to allow for decent online gaming...even still the host has the advantage.

So enjoy being scammed $50 a year on an "far superior" excuse for online service you call Xbox Live.



Does the truth hurt, Xbox fanatics?!?

cartman3134727d ago

$50 really isn't that much. I have never used Xbox live, have only read about it. To me it sounds like Live is better at the moment. That's not to say it will always be that way. Sony is coming around. HOME will be really sweet, but that's not until October. :/

snoop_dizzle4727d ago (Edited 4727d ago )

you're just trying to get on peoples nerves.
And its not really working

In fact its kinda funny how hard you are trying.

Think of it this way.

A 360 owner pays for xbl, but he might think of getting a PS3 becasue of free online play and some games. When there are some good x 360 games coming out.
Is he really saving money?

Divide 600 by 50, infact 400 becasue the PS3 dropped its price hypothetically.

How many years of xbl is it?

50 a year really isn't as bad as you make it seem for a lot of people at least.

Unless they really want to play PS3 games more than 360 games.

clownfacemcgee4726d ago

PSN = Free to Play over a server

Xbox Live = Pay to Play over Peer to Peer

How on earth is Xbox Live better? I have both, so don't insult me or anything like that. Check my gamertags. Floxnard on both, so hit me up for a game. I prefer PSN, because Xbox Live has lag, whereas PSN doesn't because it has dedicated gaming servers.

Sony loses money on those dedicated servers. Microsoft doesn't have dedicated servers, because it's Peer to Peer. That means if the host's connection is slow, everyone get's slowed down. Also you can bridge the host, to be able to firewall(boot) others and standby your connection briefly to give yourself an extremely unfair advantage. Trust me, I've done it all before, and you'd be surprised at how easy it is.

The Peer to Peer system that Microsoft uses is free for them, so why charge you? The Servers that Sony uses are not free, so a small price is fair, but they give them to you for free. Besides a few small bells and whistles, how on earth is XBL better than PSN?

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Maddens Raiders4727d ago

I don't see why that's so ewwww. I mean you're paying for it now with your LIVE account[s] right? I can't see SNE charging for the service at this present time, but as the network grows and becomes more inflated, robust and juiced full of content and services it might be a good idea for them to charge for it in order to make it as competitve as possible and that can only come from an additonal revenue stream.

I have NO problem paying for a good service in reasonable terms; however if they jump the gun and attempt to charge people for the network that resembles anything close to what it is now say by the end of '07 or early '08......well I'll tell you like Bernie Mack....There's gonna be trou-ble....trou-ble.....

--And yes this is * O * L * D *

PS360WII4727d ago

yes I pay for Live but I'm not happy about it. I like PSN better for the fact that it's free and easy.
Note to live users PSN does not have lag for what I've seen and yes it does have the universal name thingy.
Would I pay for PSN if they did indeed charge oh yeah sure, but wasn't it Sony's prime difference from PSN to Live is they offer the same service only free?

uxo224727d ago

I have had lag on both systems, so that not true there is lag on PSN and with any online service. If you have the right connection, I guess you can say there's not lag on ANY online connection. but, generally there is. And I've had it on both services.

Also, I use both services and to be honest with you, Live is better than PSN even with PSN being free. Not being bias here, it's just a better service right now and it's definitely worth the 50 bucks. If they left PSN as is and didn't improve on it, I WOULD NOT pay 50 bucks for it, however if improved I would gladly pay it.

PS360WII4727d ago

well yeah I put up the no lag because for games huge games of resistance I didn't get lag but everyone who never played an online game on PS3 will say how horrible it is on lag and this and that. I was stating that from my perspective lag is hardly an issue with the PSN. Live I can jump in many a games and have to get out because some guy with a poor connection won't leave.