First TrackMania Wii Screens

Focus Home Interactive and Firebrand have released the first screens from TrackMania Wii.

The screens show off TrackMania's unique brand of 'platform' racing, with high speeds and spectacular jumps and loops making for some thrilling races.

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Leord3218d ago

When something is called "mania" in it, the game could either be very good or totally crap.

Looks cool though...

AndyA3218d ago

TrackMania is a great racer, first released for free on PC iirc.

toaster3218d ago

I play it all the time on PC. It's not really a game you would play for hours on end but the more you play the more you master the crazy tracks.

thor3218d ago

It's free on PC - download it on steam (well technically it's not the full version but there's enough stuff there and a big enough community to keep you playing for ages).

Maticus3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

I've seen some footage from the previous games, they look insane! How anyone can react so quickly is beyond me :P

Fyzzu3218d ago

Why did nobody tell me that the world's greatest racing game was coming to the Wii? This is a must-buy.

Antan3218d ago

The guys at Firebrand certainly know their engines! 1st DS, now Wii.

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