Mass Effect 2 Leaked to Torrent Sites

The Xbox 360 version of Mass Effect 2 has been leaked and is now available for download on various torrent sites – a week before the official release date of January 26th. The cracked version download size is 13GB.

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Silellak3220d ago

Eh, post people don't have the modded hardware to play it anyway. Not sure why anyone would risk getting themselves banned just for the sake of a free game, anyway. If you don't want to buy, that's fine - games are overpriced these days - but at least use something like Gamefly.

PrimordialSoupBase3220d ago

Try before you buy. Games are too expensive to take a chance on. If I feel it's worthy of my purchase, I do so.

Christopher3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Very sad news if this is true. Even sadder that some people here seem to promote/participate in piracy

Silellak3220d ago

Try before you buy? Sure. That's what renting's for, after all.

Stealing it? There's no excuse.

JsonHenry3220d ago

I'd rather pay $50 to play this on the PC rather than for free on my 360.. anyone that played the first game on both platforms can tell you why.

Raf1k13220d ago

As if, didn't this happen with the first one too?

This will hurt the sales somewhat but hopefully not much.

Bigpappy3220d ago

It is the kids at the game stores who copy the games when sent to the stores early. If they do go DD, they should drop the prices by at least 1/3.

badz1493220d ago

games on 360 are all bound to be pirated and the sad thing is, pirates are the one got to play these games early while paying nothing.

GUNS N SWORDS3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

hate torrenting 360 games, tried it 4 times failed each time. i only tried it cause i had no money at the time.

It's a stupid concept, for those who either got no money, got the time for it, or just don't like supporting buying 360 games. i have a torrent stuck at 99.99% for over a month now. how do you find waiting on downloading 7 gbs on a 60 to 70k torrent speed to finally stop at near end worth it?

i prefer buying my games more.

3220d ago
Christopher3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )


Sad that I get more disagrees for saying it's sad that people pirate games.

@below: Piracy isn't just copying, it's an illegal use of someone else's IP without paying for the rights to use it. Would love for the people who pirate games get a bit of their own medicine some point in their life. May not seem like much, until you're the one who's the victim of piracy.

Rush-Sykes3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Mass Effect 2 vs Piracy

ME2 attacks but misses Piracy counters with a critical hit, ME2 defeated. da da dar da da da dadar! Piracy levels up.

And actually piracy ain't stealing, stealing takes the original. Piracy creates a copy. Its still wrong but its hard to count it as stealing. xD

MGSR THE HD VERSION3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

oh look at that, ps3 gamers do own jacked up 360s. sh!t, they're the ones complaining about failure rates and yet they're the ones supporting getting your 360 at a garage sale and fvcking with it. :)

further more they even support pirated discs and putting all of their high hopes into these backyard experiments. hoping to get it to run as well as the retail version.

4Sh0w3220d ago

I cant think of any 360 exclusive since late 2007 that I hadn't heard about being on torrent. 360 still manages very well in software sales.

duplissi3220d ago

come on!

developers who make good games deserve to make profit.... otherwise there will be no motivation to make decent games.

i torrent stuff ALL THE TIME, but whenever i come across something of quality i buy it, hard work should be rewarded.

rodeoo3220d ago

U must not know were to download from..I average 1.5MBS takes under 2 hours to download....stick to private trackers.
On another not ixtreme lt firmware is out for the 360....Back on live with my hacked console....YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

RadientFlux3220d ago

While it's nothing new, it's a shame to see so many so-called gamers pirating ME2.

Thankfully it's looking like ME2 is going to sell as well as the original ME. So the final part will still be made.

PrimordialSoupBase3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

I find it funny that the assumption is if someone downloads this now, they won't be buying a real copy.

7ero H3LL3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

playing pirated games involves messing with your console's bios.
there's a bar code on the "Reading" side of the disc, it's located on the inner circle of it. sometimes i have to clean that area cause it gets smudges. when i don't clean it it either gives me a "play dvd" or "open tray" option.

but once you mess with your bios you're as as good as dead with customer support. and i love my console too much than to do ANYTHING stupid to it.

besides, i'd rather keep my warranty if anything happens to my console. it's better than to have it at the hands of people who would just say i didn't mod my console right, if anything wrong happens.

LONEWOLF2313220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

I just hope all of you that are DL it actually buy it. Which is what many do. I too used to the same BUT a game as epic as this deserves to be bought.

GUNS N SWORDS3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

@ 1.22

I never knew that? I frankly never got that far as to burning the disc, i was always stuck on finding hosts. it's clear torrenting wasn't made so that you can profit from it, and it makes perfect sense too. it's not the way to go to play games.

EVILDEAD3603220d ago

LOL..only on they allow this to be released as news..for EVERY single big 360 game.

If this was the PS3, then it would be nowhere to be found. That's why it was hilarious when the haters cried foul all day long when Microsoft banned a million of em.

At the end of the day music, games, movies leak on torrents. Why keep promoting it?

LOL..I'm's obvious

3220d ago
EVILDEAD3603220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

LMAO @ Noctis trying to tell something we all don't know. Kind of like this article telling us that Mass Effect 2 leaked.

The bias is clear.


The Wii HAS been hacked and EVERY big game has leaked onto torrents. Do you see ONE article on it..nah

The best part of the bias was seeing all of the usual suspects trying to spin the bans as something Micrsoft was wrong for doing.

Honestly who cares about the won't hurt a game like Mass Effect 2 or even Halo Reach when it inevitably leaks

So go hang out in the open zone if you can't get your point across without going all 12 year old and calling people 'retards' because you can't get your point across..

SilentNegotiator3220d ago

"Try before you buy? Sure. That's what renting's for, after all.
Stealing it? There's no excuse"

When developers don't release demos, I'll sometimes try them before I buy them using otherwise questionable terms. I believe trying something should be essential to consumers making choices.

Would I torrent the 360 version? Heck no, I don't want a useless banned console.

Sarick3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Piracy and cheating has created copy protection. Sadly the developers are the last to realize most of the crackers and hackers bypass their anti-piracy protections before a product even hits the store shelves. The companies that succeed in protecting content just redirect these types somewhere else or to other means.

I'm not 100% sure if developers would've taken these paths if piracy and cheating never happened. One thing is for sure I hate being restricted because a minority chooses to cheat the system. I don't think it's right that honest gamers should be treated like thieves when the people who successfully bypass the protection are mostly unimpeded.

As is I don't have much interest in piracy myself. What burns me is when the developers copy protect game saves without some system of backup. I can understand why they'd try and stop piracy but the customer shouldn't be treated like a pirates in these cases. If the saves can be protected to the user ID and allowed to be backed up in encrypted format there isn't a need to be lock happy. Anyway, the protection extra measures only add to product frustration these days.

It's like that old saying about guns. If all guns where illegal only the crooks would have them. It's obvious at this point about piracy. The people cheating the system know what they're doing and the people trying to stop it always seem to do the most damage to the legitimate customers.

So to reiterate the original commenter,

"It's never good."

hay3220d ago

Maybe this'll speed up my time for pre-order arrival.

CaptainMarvelQ83220d ago

an xbox 360 game on torrent sites before the games official release date??!!

TheLog3220d ago

If you download them then...sort of
But if you buy them at the corner of the street for $6 then its NOT as you PAID for them, its the sellers that are stealing hahaha.

taylork373220d ago

Its receiving stolen property, which is illegal. I think you are kidding though. Not sure. Sarcasm doesn't translate to text.

Montrealien3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

this is a great game, must buy.

With that said, we should not promote this by putting it on the front page of N4G. just saying.

@the log

You have the moral integrity of a squid.

mastiffchild3219d ago

@json henry-While I agree Mass Effect was , indeed, superior on the PC I really didn't think the 360 version was as bad as you're amking out, I've even decided to play the second game on the 360 firs to try out the game save feature to carry over my character to ME2. As a result, I've just got charge of The Normandy on my second (3rd in total)playthrough on the 360 to level up, complete my character and, yes, the elevators take up more time and the game doesn't run at as high a framerate or look quite as vivid as on PC but it's not like a Valve PC to 360 port like The Orang Box or the two L4D games which run at a level so far below their PC counterparts that the fact they cost you more is actually insulting to 360 gamers.

If I was going to moan about a dev selling console gamers too far short of PC quality it wouldn't be Bioware who have, at the very least, tried to get them looking pretty much the same on all platforms. Valve are a lot worse(and may only get away with it because they're so anti PS3)but Bioware are better and the way Splash Damage have a proper, quality team for each version of Brink right now seems the very best way to go so noone gets let down in this kind of way. If everything possible i done to try and close the gap between the PC and consoles without dumbing the PC game down too much then we can't all complain and I think Bioware do a pretty good job as Mass effect is certainly still enjoyable on the 360 and not too distant from the PC version as to cause offense-I actually prefer playing it sat on my couch with a controller and it's not possible for me to do that on my rig right now with where it has to live(my family won't let me have a PC by ANYm TVs as I click too hard on the keys when I type fast). But, whatever, I jut don't think the PC version is anywhere near $50 better than the 360 game and feel the gap will have narrowed a little more with ME2.

vhero3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Wouldn't have happened if it was a ps3 exclusive FACT! As contrary to reports its still not cracked all methods so far are fake.

The Happy Baby3219d ago

This is only good if you have a modded console, which means you'll be banned sometime in the future and you'll have to buy another console--either way someone is going to get paid.

TheLog3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

@1.34 & 1.36
Its more of buying stolen goods than receiving stolen goods. But its better than plain stealing, rite? :)

Haha kidding, just pushing peoples buttons. People who are smart enough to pirate games are smart enough to know right and wrong. Its no use reasoning with them. Its either they grow older and learn, grow richer and pay or dosent give a dam.

Btw pirate games is a crime! But watching movies and music online like at youtube is ok. Its not stealing if its movies and music. XD
Looking at the hits hundred thousands of people do this at youtube, how about that??

JsonHenry3219d ago

The size of the PC version is a little over 14gigs.

catguykyou3218d ago

Its actually not the kids at the store who get it, go home and rip it. It's the people at the companies that print the disks. Workers either grab an extra disk or grab the master digital copy and do it that way. Sad but almost every single torrent originates from this. Whats sad is these people are going to kill their jobs because if we go DD pure, they won't have anything to print.

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3220d ago
KionicWarlord2223220d ago

Every xbox 360 game is on torrent sites way before release .

This really isn't anything new .

People were playing batman:AA a month before it came out .

Hellsvacancy3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Hardly news worthy aye

KionicWarlord2223220d ago

Not really...

Im pretty sure people who use torrents will just sign into there account and just check out the new torrents any way .

sikbeta3219d ago

You're right, this really isn't anything new but is BAD for the Devs

LordMarius3220d ago

I have to get myself one of those modded 360s, I'm missing free games people

Sunny_D3220d ago

I know! That's what makes me tempted to get one. :P

Bolts3220d ago

This is the only reason to get a 360 really.

rpgenius4203219d ago

Yea those of you who use torrents are lame and noobs. You weak a$$ people who can't mod your 360 are always hating on the people who have modded their box. Keep whining while I play some more Mass Effect 2 and most likely Bioshock 2 before you. Yea come on tell me how bad stealing is, like you never 5 finger discounted anything. With the new iXtreme LT it won't stop either! Arrrrrrrr matey!


mastiffchild3219d ago

Oh, RPGenius-I don't know about you calling people who resist their more base instincts weak. I don't think it's fair at all-and , no, I've never stolen anything in my entire life. Perhaps that's a result of being burgled as a child and then being someone who'd worked as both a recording artist and songwriter who knows the cost of people just taking what they want without asking or paying.

Funnily enough my opinion of those who pirate games because they haven't a demo to try is that it's fair enough but if, like you, people are just dirty thieves then I'm a little harder on them-you're the kind of person who doesn't care about anyone else but if someone stole from you you'd bawl for a week about it. IDK what you do for a living(or even if you do as , if you were on benefits and poor, then maybe I could understand what you do a little more) but I'm assuming you would NOT like to do it for a week for nothing-yet you expect devs to work for free for you?

So, calling us respectable folk out as weak is really quite thick, imo, as you must understand what happens if we all take up your point of view, mustn't you? That's right there would be NO new games for you to play so, really, you should STFU or thank us for supporting your ability to steal rather than trying to belittle us and justify your disgusting pride at being little more than a tech savvy shoplifter. Yeah, wll done mate-ever thought it was you that was the weak one by giving in to your impatience and greed rather than thinking what's actually best for a pasttime I assume you enjoy?

Obviously you have or you wouldn't be so quick to try and big yourself up like this and tell us that we must all have been as bad as you in the past(like two wrongs would make it right anyway, dufus)when you have NO idea what anyone else has done in their lives. Some of us, though I accept I'm probably just as far from perfect as yourself, have what we feel is a moral obligation towards a hobby/passion that has brought us a great deal of enjoyment over the years and to steal from the industry will only hurt our fellow gamers and fave devs in the end.

So, stop labelling those who keep the devs you steal from afloat and realise that when the last round of bans came about I was offered a modded 360 with over 35games for £25 and wasn't tempted. Christ i could sort it out myself if I wanted in a few moments but haven't been tempted. You know why I haven't been tempted? That's right, I'm not as "weak" as you are. Honestly mate, what's the deal slagging off people for doing sod all wrong? BTW I really wasn't going to post anything on this thread as i didn't think it was news-but insulting people for doing the right thing? Amazing.I'm one of the biggest critics of the industry that you'll find around here and, in many, many cases think that gamers are way too much in thrall to what the industry asks and demands of us(like with MW2 and the dedicated servers fiasco, price hikes etc-when others were arguing among themselves I was saying we should stick together and all demand fair treatment from Acti/IW. Sadly, a lot of us were knocking the other set of gamer at the time so it was impossible as those who weren't doing that were actually excuing the behaviour of IW/Activision as "supply and demand"-but even then I didn't advocate piracy and never would as two wrongs don't ever make a right)-there are way too many gamers prepared to bend over and sopin for the industry that basically rips them off at every turn. Sadly, it's people behaving like you that keep giving the industry an excuse.

I know piracy is complex but not the way you behave it isn't. Piracy to try befor buying in the absence of a demo is OK in my eyes, for instance and I'd even be willing to forgive someone who fell on really hard times. The Homebrew scene is fine with me too but when it comes to purely trying to get free gaming it's just wrong. If you like a game rent or buy the game. If you can't physically afford to rent then, by all means, pirate to try before you buy is OK, if you would usually buy your games and currently cannot even afford pre owned ones then I even think that, on the rarest occasions(as I've been THAT poor and still didn't pirate), pirating a game or two(and commiting to yourself to buy them if you get sorted out)is a passable evil. Apart from that, though, and in the way you outlined it's just out of order and to knock people being honest ios a joke fella.Sorry, you just really pi55ed me off being so full of yourlf when , really, you should be ashamed.

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MetalGearRising3220d ago

Regardless Mass Effect 2 will still outsell every ps3 game coming out 2010.

snipermk03220d ago

Awwww.. you seem sad. Here, have a cookie

maverick11913220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

the one bubble you have proves you talk utter bullshi!t why do you hate ps3 so much why do you care?

just play the games you want stop being such a baby

my console is better

no mine is

no mine is

please give it a break you b!tch about every ps3 article and say 360 is the best thing thats ever been created yet your on here 24/7 which shows you dont game alot

you never talk about certain games

do you even play games or are you just here to waste time and whine?

seriously if i was a mod on this site i'd be so tired of you and just ban you this site wont be so b!tchy about which console is better if people like you weren't around

do us a favor and stop dissing then maybe you can get your bubbles back

seriously you are the 1st to post on every ps3 article and then you cant back anything up and post quickly and run off and press refresh until the next ps3 article is up and post about that and run off

blitz06233220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

lol Rising. troll, bot, loser. are you in your computer 24/7 going to every 15 minutes after gazing on your crapbox? just another guy bragging about sales cuz that's all you can brag about. and what's worse is, you don't get any form of profit by thinking, "Man, this game has sold 50 million! Wow! Oh wait, I don't even like the game! Whatever, it has strong sales, take that droids!"
This is where you get profit: "That game was good. EPIC. I enjoyed the game, even if it only sold 100k!"

damnightmare3220d ago

lol I don't like MGR's trolling, it's a lot worse then PS3 fanboys trolling but you have to admit

He went from 1 Bubble left here then all of a sudden back to 2, multiple accounts much?

Chubear3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

"Uh?!.. What?!.. no need for blu-ray you say?! Oh. O-K!" hehehehe :D

Karooo3220d ago

it has even less preorders than gow 3, halo odst and mw2 were phenomenal, mass effect 2 will do just like forza 3 or maybe a bit better.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

Funny how the only gaming platform to use Blu-ray is the PS3 which is last this gen and you still have to install half the game.

Trebius3220d ago

The only games that required huge installs were some of the 1st generation PS3 games...after people became more used to the architecture that installation issue disappeared...

Believe me though, I was pretty annoyed at games like DMC4 and MGS4's installations...MGS was worth it, DMC wasnt.

3220d ago
meatnormous3220d ago

Jason did you not see where Trebius said it was early ps3 games that require an install. Also why are you listing every game with an optional install. In that case, every 360 game has an optional install cause you can copy it to the hdd to cut down on the noise made by the DVD drive. Oblivion Game of the Year Edition for the 360 REQUIRES A HARD DRIVE FOR INSTALLATION OF ADDED CONTENT.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3220d ago

1.3 GB for Infamous.
Fallout 3 5.0 GB
Fight Night Round 4 1350 MB required
God of War 3--------------(required) 4.70 GB

gtamike1233220d ago

PS3 can have custom BIG hard drives so not a problem. (like 500GB)
You waste money on Xbox Live and we use that money to buy a bigger HDD.


that's what happen when you make a game on a weak system.


you play sale, i play games. mass effect got nothing on god of war

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