IncGamers Interview - Achron

IncGamers' Tim McDonald chats with Hazardous Software's Chris Hazard about the company's forthcoming time-bending RTS, Achron, which lets players hop backwards and forwards in time, seeing what's going to happen and letting them change it.

Topics include how to explain the game to a layperson, what we can expect from the unannounced races, how the game came to be, time-travelling strategies, what the future of the RTS genre holds, and more.

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Maticus3246d ago

The game sounds fascinating - and really complicated at the same time!

Leord3246d ago

Fascinating stuff usually are complicated.

Well, actually, the most fascinating stuff are usually simple...

Perhaps it's simple, and just seem complicated?

AndyA3246d ago

"how to explain the game to a layperson"

Sounds utterly mindbending to me.

Leord3246d ago

Yeah, well, at least time-bending! :D

Cogo3246d ago

Mind bending or time bending? :)

Leord3246d ago

The whole idea with time-bending is mightily strange.

It could either be a super-hit or flop...

Dorjan3246d ago

And the military have already used it? WTF?

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