What the Sony Motion Controller Delay Means
"Today, Sony officially announced that their answer to the Wii's motion control for the Playstation 3 has been delayed until the fall of this year. This news shouldn't be particularly shocking as we noted in a previous article that there's been very little news since the announcement at E3 2009, no game demonstrations, and the motion controls haven't even been named much less priced. We do know that the motion controls will require use of the EyeToy camera, have true 1:1 motion capture, and can mimic objects in game like swords, guns, and shields.

So what does the delay of the motion controls mean for Sony and the Playstation 3?"

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FishCake9T43218d ago

It means by the time it comes out half the world will have natal. Just like the PS3 release after the 360. Sony need to get up off their butts and get to work

Bodyboarder_VGamer3218d ago

Don't forget about RRoD that even to these days it still present...

green3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

the original line up for their motion device was not good and would in no way convince the average Joe to spend their cash on.

-Ape Escape,
-Echochrome 2,
-Eccentric Slider,
-Sing and Draw,
-Champions of Time,
-Motion Party,
-The Shoot, and Tower.

"upgraded via software update to take advantage of the Motion Control device are existing PlayStation 3 games including"
-Hustle Kings,
-High Velocity Bowling, and EyePet

We all know that Sony's biggest games will be released towards the end of the year, so they will now be able to add motion controller support to those games as well, giving the device a more robust line-up.

Sony announced today that their motion controller not the dual shock 3 will be the the PS3's "de facto" controller http://www.computerandvideo... So if that is what they want, they got to provide compelling software that will encourage their userbase and new users to abandon the DS3.

FishCake9T43218d ago

What? The RRoD was no more prominant in 2009 than the PS3's yellow light. Thats old news.

FishCake9T43218d ago

Im not saying its a bad because of game quality, im saying its bad because of sales. How many casual gamers care about quality? There too stupid to research Natal or "Wand" so there just going to buy the motion controller that they see first on the TV. Both these controllers have a main task of attracting the Wii casuals.

Sevir043218d ago

IT STATES FALL 2010, IT MEANS FALL 2010, The same perpetuated time frame of release as the NATAL! all i get is that the Motion Controller isn't ready like MS's and There isn't a substantial release portfolio that will be there to convince people to buy it. So rather than have games patching in support like they had for trophies in 2008's spring release, They delay the entire thing to make sure that when the platform releases it'll have more than 5 games released to better bolster the content offering for the platform. which seems good. It also gives them more time to work out kinks and market the motion control to other developers and publishers alike. More reason for them to convince them to put more support behind it. Thats all the delay means, lets not jump to conclusions.

Had they released it in spring we almost would have had little to no games for it, the launch would be a bust and fanboys would have a blast with the craptacular launch. Fall is perfect, that was my only qualms as it seemed that they were rushing the product to beat MS...

Sony is synonymous with quality, So let them take their time and make the quality products we've all come to expect of the Playstation brand. thats why we have such a great console because Sony plays by their own rulea dn on their schedule.

Better product, exstensive line up, and proper marketing and exposure to it's supporters.

Makes sense, this GDC and E3 and Sony's Gamer Day 2010 will be heavily focused on the platform and it's games. just wait and see.

WildArmed3218d ago

well hopefully sony will be able to pull out an worldwide launch instead of US-only '10 launch and the rest of the world left to stare.
I'm not a fan of motion gaming, but my family is. So if i do plan on getting a motion controller, it'll be the factor of price point and software support.
I already have an playstation eye.. so I'll see how much the wands are.
And i'll keep an eye out for Natal's price range.. and how many games are going to be supported that I already own.

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