Borderlands Triple Pack Deal Hits D2D

Direct2Drive has offered up the exclusive Borderlands Triple Pack, which bundles the core game with the two released add-ons The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned and Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot for cheaper than what the content would cost individually purchased.

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fOrlOnhOpe575235d ago

well worth the money and an IP that I will defintely follow with as much enthusiasm as for Killzone and Uncharted!


DC Heroes United and Borderlands Comes To SDCC

This sounds awesome. This afternoon, Genvid Entertainment announced two, all-new interactive streaming series at San Diego-Comic Con: DC Heroes United and Borderlands EchoVision Live.


10 Mediocre Bosses in Great Games

GF365: "Most games are not perfect and that may be because of a character or an enemy. Here are 10 mediocre bosses in great games."

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Chriswheeler22469d ago

The Pursuer from Dark Spuls 2 was great, I think the author just sucks at games.

philm87469d ago

The Godskin Duo is a great fight


Borderlands' Opening Scene Is Still An All-Time Great

TheGamer Writes "I don't think my most controversial video game take should be that controversial, but it is. I'm a video game journalist, so you know I have some bad takes in this broken down serotonin factory I call a brain, but here's one opinion that receives universal pushback: I don't like video game music."

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