Borderlands Players Are Getting Stuck in Loading Screens After Gearbox Pushes Updates to Games

Gearbox's latest patch for BL1, BL2, BL The Pre-Sequel have caused players to get stuck in the loading screen.

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moriarty1889128d ago

So many games get screwed up due to bad patches or updates. Gearbox needs to fix this asap.

raiden_188128d ago

Don't they test the patches before releasing them?

neutralgamer1992128d ago

No anymore when we the gamers act as free testers

MizHDTV128d ago

Could never play 3 online because it would always freeze and restart my system
Deleted it soon after I got it
Wasn’t happy

VanHalen126d ago

I really have had enough of patches and updates. Stop releasing unfinished and broken games already! Keep finding myself playing Dreamcast and Super Nintendo lately. No damn updates loading nonsense etc.