Valve's Portal - Demo Video

Recently talked about by Valve, the game uses the HL2 source engine, but upgraded with portal technology similar to what you would find in Prey. But in Portal, you can shoot portals anywhere you want and go throughout any path. Very difficult to explain so check out the video below.

Gamer136485d ago

That looks totally amazing, can,t wait to play this 1.

Scythesean6485d ago (Edited 6485d ago )

It reminds me of that old cartoon where the old man invents the portable hole. In the end he has one left and he uses it to drop his wife in hell only to have satan bring her back and say; "Isn't it bad enough down here without her?" This looks fun and this brings a whole new level of Multi-player to the table. Need an exit? Not a problem, Imaging making a hole that drops you opponet into a fire pit or into spikes. Oh the fun to be had....

Siesser6485d ago (Edited 6485d ago )

I have to admit, that's one of the more impressive things I've ever seen. Despite the fact the game looks good, those physics are awesome. Before they showed using gravity beneath an object to move it with force out of a portal, I was sitting here thinking "yeah, but I bet you can't do that."

Happy to be proven wrong :)

This is the kind of game I've been wanting forever, with real physics. You see something, think of it, and it seems you can probably do it. Sadly, it would have to be in the form of an FPS, wouldn't it :(

Anyways, I can't wait for a MacGyver game with real physics AND chemistry :D

Oh; question. With the very first example they showed, with the descending spikes; do you think you could just shoot a portal striaght up onto the spikes above you? Would it then just descend and slowly transport you to the other protal?

Scythesean6485d ago

I was wondering that to, I guess it could work I don't see why not unless the hole can't move so there for it stays???? No that won't happen....Great now I have to wait for a demo or something to find out....

remoteXimpaler6485d ago

that looks so radical!!!!!

they did a very cool job with this idea

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TheProfessional168d ago

Prey shouldn't have been connected to the original, they should've changed the name. It looked good and had decent exploration but it was way too long and the ending was trash. Definitely gets more praise in the comments than it should.

FinalFantasyFanatic168d ago

I actually hated Prey after playing the demo, for me, it felt so bad to play, I agree that it gets more praise than it deserves. Most of this list is fine though, there are some really good games on there.

Nacho_Z168d ago

I couldn't get on with Prey either, sounded great on paper but I didn't enjoy it at all. I don't think I like Arkane, tried to get into Dishonored years before and it left me cold.

Concertoine167d ago

Did you play it on ps4/xbone? If so, yeah, it played terribly on those machines. 90 second load times, horrible input lag.

I couldnt enjoy the game until it got updated for Series X

Barlos167d ago

I really want to like Prey. I've gone back to it a few times on my Steam Deck but I don't know, I just can't get into it. Mind you, I'm not the biggest fan of immersive sims

FinalFantasyFanatic167d ago


Actually it was PS4, I don't recall anyone mentioning that it was console specific at the time though.

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Sciurus_vulgaris168d ago

I liked Prey (2017), but I think the original Prey was more polished and arguably better game of the two. If Bethesda had been so cheap, Prey (2017) could have trade marked as “Nightmare on Talos” or “Typhon “.

Minute Man 721167d ago

Played the demo of Prey (2007)

Never got around to actually playing it but it's BC so one day (soon) I'll hunt it down

shinoff2183167d ago

I really liked prey, but I'll add I never finished. Dishonored, was a borefest for me I couldn't get into it with multiple times of trying.

gigoran8167d ago

The ORIGINAL Prey sequel looked dope as F. I would have loved to have played that instead of what we got.

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jznrpg168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

I couldn’t get into Prey when I played it. I own it so I’ll try again someday.

Petebloodyonion168d ago

I think the issue with Prey is how the media were infatuated with everything done by Arkane Studio and the Dishonored Universe.
For some reason they need to remind us all the time that Dishonored is among the best games and everything related to that suddenly becomes near perfection.
cue the same treatment for Deathloop.

Crows90167d ago

Dishonored 1 is incredible. The 2nd is pretty darn good too ...

All their other games have been average to bad.

FinalFantasyFanatic167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

Idk if I agree, I never really hear Dishonoured being talked about a lot, I think the amount of attention Deathloop got was fine for what it was, then again, I never really cared that much for Arkane Studio's games.

gold_drake167d ago

omg. Blur was soo good, still have my copy :)

LoveSpuds167d ago

I think the problem was releasing at the same time as another great racer, Split Second, no doubt the cannibalised each others potential sales.

Both great games but I think I prefer Split Second, just about!!