Valve's Portal - Demo Video

Recently talked about by Valve, the game uses the HL2 source engine, but upgraded with portal technology similar to what you would find in Prey. But in Portal, you can shoot portals anywhere you want and go throughout any path. Very difficult to explain so check out the video below.

Gamer136168d ago

That looks totally amazing, can,t wait to play this 1.

Scythesean6168d ago (Edited 6168d ago )

It reminds me of that old cartoon where the old man invents the portable hole. In the end he has one left and he uses it to drop his wife in hell only to have satan bring her back and say; "Isn't it bad enough down here without her?" This looks fun and this brings a whole new level of Multi-player to the table. Need an exit? Not a problem, Imaging making a hole that drops you opponet into a fire pit or into spikes. Oh the fun to be had....

Siesser6168d ago (Edited 6168d ago )

I have to admit, that's one of the more impressive things I've ever seen. Despite the fact the game looks good, those physics are awesome. Before they showed using gravity beneath an object to move it with force out of a portal, I was sitting here thinking "yeah, but I bet you can't do that."

Happy to be proven wrong :)

This is the kind of game I've been wanting forever, with real physics. You see something, think of it, and it seems you can probably do it. Sadly, it would have to be in the form of an FPS, wouldn't it :(

Anyways, I can't wait for a MacGyver game with real physics AND chemistry :D

Oh; question. With the very first example they showed, with the descending spikes; do you think you could just shoot a portal striaght up onto the spikes above you? Would it then just descend and slowly transport you to the other protal?

Scythesean6168d ago

I was wondering that to, I guess it could work I don't see why not unless the hole can't move so there for it stays???? No that won't happen....Great now I have to wait for a demo or something to find out....

remoteXimpaler6168d ago

that looks so radical!!!!!

they did a very cool job with this idea

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