Ace Combat 6 screenshot explosion

40 Ace Combat 6 screenshots have been smuggled out of Namco Bandai's media prison camp, and if you like dials and cockpits you're in for a treat.

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Lord Anubis4728d ago

I expected the game to look better, Hope the gameplay is an improvement.

CrazzyMan4728d ago (Edited 4728d ago )

hope, atleast on ps3 they will be able to achieve that level of realism, which i expect from them.

EDIT: well, if you can find something related AC6 with sign "xbox360 only" like on crackdown or viva pinata, then maybe i will agree with you. =)
till, then it was never stated, that AC6 is x360 exclusive, it`s only developing for x360 now.

ace combat series always were exclusive to playstation™.
so there 2 ways:
port of AC6 on ps3 with sixaxis usage after some time,
or AC7 exclusive to ps3, (like RR6-RR7).
time will show.

FreeMonk4728d ago

I thought Ace Combat 6 is a X360 exclusive?

I could be wrong! Swear I read that somewhere!

Snake_Doctor4728d ago

timed exclusive. Thats what I heard.

ps1h1ch4728d ago (Edited 4727d ago )

I'm happy just to be able to play this title officially announced for the system I own..

I doesn't require photorealism couse this aka next gen technology isn't capable of bringing it (just in my oppinion), so I'm atleast not fooling myself with thoughts it will be beter on ps3 WHEN it comes out. I can play this in a couple of months and play many other games before this game will be developed->released for ps3.

EDITED: Did I say it is x360 exclusive? I said it was announced for a console I own. I'm watching the pictures I'll be playing. But you just can't agree that you wish to play this "today" on x360 if you would own one rather than tommorow or possibly after a couple of sony delays just becouse you think it might be better then.

Edited: Didn't notice this is going to be timed exclusive.

sak5004727d ago

2 - good, but not realistic..
hope, atleast on ps3 they will be able to achieve that level of realism, which i expect from them.

Yeah just like all the ports were having more realism on ps3 than 360. F.E.A.R, Splinter cell etc.

Arkham4727d ago

Looking incredible. As impressive at this point in the generation as some of the Ace Combats were in the previous.

I'm really looking forward to seeing this on both platforms, if it indeed turns out to be the timed-exclusive people are saying it is. While I expect no less, even if it's 360-only I know that millions of people are going to be happy.

This series never fails to impress.

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DrWan4728d ago

Hmm.. this game does not look up to par with the rest of Namco games in terms of graphics. looks very muddy and unsmooth

Naruto4728d ago

AC6 timed exclusive Offical xbox magazine stated it in April

Diselage4728d ago

Great screens, probably another crappy game.

Dr Pepper4727d ago (Edited 4727d ago )

You're such an optimist Diselage

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The story is too old to be commented.