Pro Evolution Soccer 7 Revealed Next Week

One of the most anticipated titles this year, Pro Evolution Soccer 7 (2008) will be revealed to the public by the end of next week by developers Konami. A new blogspot,Winning Eleven Next Gen Blog, now announced as a semi-official news source to Konami, has all the details plus a few suprises via their new podcast titled 003.


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Meus Renaissance4232d ago

You might want to skit the introduction. It's the gayest thing I've ever heard.

coxyefc4232d ago

ha ha yes it is. i would of just got straight to the point with my podcast.

mariusmal4232d ago

yes the intro is ga.... lol

for me is one of the most wanted games on my list. i am a pes fan since the first game on the psx. i also love to play it online since pes5.

sonarus4232d ago

mehn i know at least 7 ppl getting a ps3 just for this game. Plus i heard they are going all out this yr with 18Gb for the ps3 version. I would shrug it off as rumour but remember the comment the japanese silent hill guy made about the ps3 not selling well because of lack of a soccer game in the west subtly indicating some soccer goodness for us footie fans:)

brianodom4232d ago

I'm sure the ps3 version will be tops, I don't know anyone with a 360 version of PES...

drtysouf214232d ago

but i think i will check this one out.

Diselage4232d ago

I've only seen them played in passing, but they seem to have come a long way so i'm sure it'll deserve at least a rental.

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