Interview: The Lord Of The Rings: The White Council

EA's Tyler Vaught gives us the lowdown on this stunning-looking RPG. Last week EA, during a press event held in the US, announced new Lord of the Rings RPG The White Council. CVG were present at the jamboree and managed to pin down the game's assistant product manager Tyler Vaught and question him about the title. During a lengthy chat that found him spilling plenty of details, it emerged that - although EA's official announcement on the RPG stated that it's in development for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC - a PC version of The White Council remains in question. Still, it's looking likely with Vaught noting that a PC version of The White Council is "something you would imagine we would do".

Read on to discover what else the assistant product manager had to say about the game he compares to the mighty Oblivion..

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zypher6159d ago

as a HUGE fan of everything Tolkien, and as a fledgling fan of Oblivion i simply MUST have this game...RIGHT NOW!