What would you do for a $7500 gaming rig? One PS3 gamer makes the ultimate sacrifice

At the San Francisco Playstation store and home of the official US launch for the Playstation 3 PCGAMER were there to represent the PC gaming community and to carry out a mission to convert one diehard PS3 fan to PC gaming.

PCGAMER had brought with them a $7500 gaming rig that they intended to give away to one of the gamers standing in line for a PS3. The catch? You have to sign a legally-binding contract certifying that you will never, ever, buy a PS3.

THWIP6394d ago

Is the PC gaming community really so insecure, that they feel it's necessary to go to such insane lengths to keep someone from buying a console? Besides, according to SONY, their overblown hunk of plastic IS a PC. ;)

Rooted_Dust6394d ago

If thats all that was in the contract then he just needs to get someone to buy a PS3 for him.

Mr Murda6394d ago

...but they didn't have to give me a $7500 PC. All I did was play Gears of War and I was committed to never buying a PS3.

TheMART6394d ago

Haha nr. 4 indeed

If they had gave him a XBOX 360 with Gears of War, Viva Piniata, Call of Duty 3 (the equivalent of Resistance but then without the stupid aliens in WWII setting) he would be convinced without even needing to sign any contract.

Especially when they showed him COD3 being choppy on the PS3 and RR7 being less version compared to RR6 from a year ago on the 360

AuburnTiger6394d ago

That the xbox360+gears of war+viva piniata + call of duty 3 = Resistance.

That's the sMartest thing you've said on this site.

DeathNote16394d ago (Edited 6394d ago )

sorry. i'd rather have ps3's superior hardware. it's funny how ps3 games have dead close ratings 360 games made a eyar after launch. and the ps3's devs arent even using 3 of the 6 spe's yet.

THWIP6394d ago

...is that you're too ignorant to know what that means. :|

1.) The fact that the PS3 ports had longer dev time, on SUPPOSEDLY superior hardware...and can barely match the 360, is pretty damned pathetic.

2.) If you look at the scores for PS3 exclusives, like Genji, RR7 and Gundam...you'll see the REAL power of the PS3.

3.) The "ps3's devs arent even using 3 of the 6 spe's yet" comment is completely bogus and retarded. You have no proof of that whatsoever, and are simply talking out of your ass.

TheMART6394d ago

@ Starcraftsucks

You know what I mean but if you like to twist things be my guest. I'll degrade the PS3 even further, oh no it did it by itself.

COD3 on the 360 compared to the PS3 version.

COD3 on 360: 60 fps looking great
COD3 on PS3: 30 fps with slowdowns where it get choppy and less graphical then the 360 version

Let us not speak about COD3 being better then Resistance. Aliens in WWII is not so cool as it seems

And Viva Piniata and Gears of War are this Christmas not to be surpassed by anything on the PS3 for sure.

@ DeathNote1

You're so wrong. The 360 GPU is stronger then the PS3 GPU spec's cover up like the supercharged Wii/Gamecube. And in games it's foremost about the GPU

And the launch games on par with 360 games?

Forget it. Ridddgeeee Racceerrrr 7 on PS3 is worse in graphics then RR6 on 360 from a year ago.

It's pathetic. Only Resistance is reasonable. But then still. The killer app this Christmas is Gears of War. Nothing else out there like it

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