Lost Planet Colonies to Xbox 360 and PC

Dutch website InsideGamer has found out that Lost Planet Colonies will be coming to Xbox 360 and PC. A releaselist from publisher Nobilis revealed the game to be released in january 2008. Details about the game are still missing, but the releaselist indicates it's going to be an action game which will be sold for 29,99 euro's. Maybe more at E3...

(Source is Dutch)

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ChaosKnight4728d ago

Ya think this is the Lost Planet Wars who Rumor Reporter was saying was going to be announced?

Diselage4728d ago

So is this Lost Planet 2 or something different like Halo wars or endwar?

gogators4728d ago

use some more content, colonies sounds interesting. I wouldn't mind something that bring into use Clan functions. I know it didn't work with Mech Assault, but give everyone 12 colonies to choose from and see which colony can control Lost Planet.

Odion4728d ago

hey this is Multiplatform so no one can call Capcom a liar!

Charlie26884728d ago

I guess Capcoms idea of "wanting to reach a bigger audience with their products" does not include the PS3...

Talking about major hypocrisy

Anyway I cant be happy about this since my Lost Planet is still in the mail

AngryTypingGuy4728d ago

Don't know if this is true or not, but there is about a 110% chance of a sequel being released somewhere down the line due to the success of the first one.

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