Xbox 360 Mass Effect 2 Limited Edition Console Announced

Thegamevine writes:

"With the sequel to one of the most popular RPG titles to hit the Xbox 360 only just around the corner, Microsoft have come to the table with a Limited Edition Elite console to commemorate this epic release. I for one am dying for this game, this is just the icing on the cake for anyone after an Elite console to kick off 2010."

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Immortal Kaim4760d ago

Awesome, this is a fantastic bundle. Wouldn't mind the 250gb drive.

dragunrising4760d ago

Even still, why isn't the limited edition included? If I am buying a special edition console, why can't my game also be special edition? Regardless, the deal is pretty good.

WildArmed4760d ago

gah only in australia O_O
Too bad, a couple of my friends were chipping in to buy my bud another 360 for his b'day (other one broke).
Since he is a big ME2 fan, this would have been perfect >.<

Lightsaber4760d ago

OMFG this has to be the dumbest thing MS has ever done (well within the gaming world)

600 ? en extra 300 dollars for a game and a extra controller ? Did MS not pay attention to when sony released the ps3 at 600? They couldnt give those things away. wtf are they thinking

Tony P4760d ago

@Lightsaber: I think you're comparing American prices with Australian prices. The price increase is not that steep from a regular elite.

FragMnTagM4760d ago

It comes out to $554.73 in American dollars, and besides everything is more expensive in Australia (gaming wise). A normal elite there is around the same price.

FamilyGuy4760d ago

It's like there's a 360 released for every exclusive game. It's for the fans but wtf? :/

Immortal Kaim4759d ago

For people who are unfamiliar with Aus prices in regards to console here is some info, I will use Regular Retail Price (RRP).

Regular Xbox 360 Elite: $449
120gb PS3: $499
Wii: $388

This Limited Edition Bundle: $599

So it is a decent bundle, I would expect to get it cheaper if you have a shop around as well.

starchild4759d ago

Considering the size of the hard drive, the extra controller and a copy of Mass Effect 2 I'd say that is a good deal.

Lightsaber4759d ago

Ok sorry I forgot about the different between Aussie and the USA. However $554.73 in US dollars is still waaaaaaaay to much but I think if it comes out here it be the same as the CoD:MW2 deal that they have

evrfighter4759d ago (Edited 4759d ago )

browsing through newegg I noticed that the 120gb Elite bundles come with a $50 gift card till the 22nd

almost bought one but tax was enough to stand by my decision and wait a few weeks

In essence it's $249 for an elite could use the gift card and pre-order ME2 or BC2 if you havn't already.

Kicking myself for moving away from Minnesota :(

IdleLeeSiuLung4759d ago

Yeah, that is aussie prices.

However, is the limited edition with special artwork on it or just a regular elite console? Sounds like the latter....

The Happy Baby4759d ago

...but its still alot of great stuff for the price.

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GameOn4760d ago

Nice, but 2 pads with a single player only game?

Immortal Kaim4760d ago (Edited 4760d ago )

You can never have enough controllers? ;)

Or they are sticking with the 2 theme?

Who knows?

GUNS N SWORDS4760d ago

@2 -

maybe not for mass effect2 but a second controller can always come in handy when you pick up your next game.

GameOn4760d ago (Edited 4760d ago )

I've always had just one but take it round the mates with me, but 2 is always better than one.

Syaz14760d ago

i would remove a controller and the headset in exchange for a hdmi cable and 1600 ms points, but that's just me. i think game-bundled consoles should be relevant to the bundled game, in this case there's no need for 2 controllers and a wireless headset, but a hdmi cable would come in handy for those who want to play the game in it's full glory, and the 1600 ms points is useful for purchase of future dlc's. if they were generous enough they could even bundle me1 with all the dlc's that come with it.

FragMnTagM4760d ago

A headset is a good thing.

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MetalGearRising4760d ago

Awesome Bundle and what a epic way to start the New year with a Kick up Sony's rear end where it hurts.

The_Beast4760d ago

this will be great on pc!

JasonPC360PS3Wii4760d ago

You're right this will be great on a Windows PC.

Saaking4760d ago

MS doesn't get royalties from the PC version. We've been over this many times haven't we bots? Are you guys seriously that dumb? Putting your hands over your ears and denying the existence of the PC won't make it disappear. ME2 is MULTIPLAT. Get over it.

starchild4759d ago

Still, buying a gaming PC aids in the proliferation of PCs, which absolutely does help Microsoft. You bet it does.

It might be multiplatform, but it is console exclusive, which is what really matters in the CONSOLE WAR.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4759d ago (Edited 4759d ago )

Saaking must use a magical pixie operating system from never never land that has no MS logo. In his chocolate covered fairy dreams on candy mountain he doesn't see Windows is a must if you want to play Mass Effect 2, and that he had to pay for it.

Its ok driod keep sniffing pixie dust and say to yourself "PC is an open platform that doesn't need MS and MS doesn't get royalties and doesn't pay for 100% of the advertising for PC" maybe one day it will come true and you will convince the whole world that PC and MS havn't been partners for 30yrs. :D

Saaking you are such a dense butthurt jealous droid.

CWMR4759d ago

@ Sadking

-The 360 is a console. It competes with other consoles, primarily the PS3. Mass Effect 2 is a console exclusive because it isn't available on the competitor's platform. Is it clear now?-

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PandemicPrawn04760d ago (Edited 4760d ago )


I could see Microsoft selling a few of those.

I just recently got an elite... I should have waited.

Edit: would be nice to have seen ME1 thrown in as well for people new to the franchise.

Immortal Kaim4760d ago

Good point, or even a code to download Mass effect 1 off 'Games on Demand'...

Enate4760d ago

I agree Me1 should have been included in the bundle as well. I for one love the bundle an think its great. Though I don't think a truck load of people were waiting for Mass Effect 2 to come out to buy a 360 either. I would think the people that are really about Mass Effect have played ME1 and have the means to already play what is probably one of their most anticipated games.

leeeeed4760d ago

Would <3 the HDD in that one, but besides that I only need the game. Damn cannot wait till this one hits... The question is, do I trade in ME for ME2?

PandemicPrawn04760d ago

Trade in ME1 for ME2?

Nonononono don't do that.

dragunrising4760d ago

For one thing, you won't get any money. Also you might be interested to play ME 1 again so you can create a new character with different outcomes and then play that character in ME 2.

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