Can PS3 survive for long?

Latest U.S. monthly sales show PS3 occupying the sales slot held by GameCube and N64 in the last two console generations. Not only is PS3 not selling well, but those who do buy it aren't buying games according to who reported that no PS3 games made the top 10 list in May.

The underlying problem with PS3 may be that it's viewed as a system for rich people with lots of cash to burn, a demographic that is too small for Sony. Analysts polled by the Financial Times expect Sony's gaming division $500 million this year, leaving them with two choices: slash the price & hope software sales offset hardware loses or get out of the home console business altogether.

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BlackIceJoe4738d ago

Well I may not be rich. But I make over 600 on my pay check. So to me it was an easy buy. The Reason I see not many people buying PS3 games is because there are not that many made just for the PS3. I own four and I see that in the future I will be getting a lot more. I for one could see some of the PS3 games coming in the top ten soon. The first one that comes to mind is NGS and that comes out next month. So the good games are not far off. Just like when the 360 came out there were not that many games for it but now there is a lot of great games and I for one see the same thing going to happen with the PS3. People just got to give it time and then when they do there will be some great ones out there.

hfaze4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

I got my PS3 in November, and absolutely do not regret the decision. But at the same time, NONE of my buddies have one (or can afford one).

Everybody that I have shown my PS3 to has been impressed with it, but the fact remains that $599.99 is pretty hard to swallow for the majority of people out there.

Sony's best bet would be to get their stockholders blessings on a $200 price drop, and get some blockbuster titles out there. A $399.99 60GB PS3 would SELL. They could even put out a 200GB model, and keep that at the $599.99 price point to help offset the hit on the 60GB model's price.

With the higher yeild rates they're getting out of the Cell CPU's and the blue-laser diodes (along with removing the Emotion Engine and supporting PS2 components from the hardware), they wouldn't be taking a horrible loss on the consoles doing this. With the cost per blue diode dropping from over $100/diode to less than $10/diode alone, they could pull it off...

I still can't believe that Sony dropped the 20GB unit in north america. It would have only taken a $100 price drop to put that one in a much broader consumer base's reach.

They seriously need to do something. The Wii doesn't even have any true blockbuster games, and retailers can't seem to keep them on the shelves...

Diselage4738d ago

Price drop is needed badly

BlackIceJoe4738d ago

Wow I lost a bubble over this. I am not sure why. All I really said was to me I was fine with paying 600 for the PS3. I do believe that it would be best if Sony does lower the price though. That to me is one of the big reasons not many people want a PS3. But like I also said in time games will come. You just have to wait.

dissectionalrr4738d ago

i make over 5k/month and i'm not rich. i also wouldn't buy a ps3. not because it's expensive, but because there are no good exclusives that interest me. the only exclusives it has are japanese, and i'm not japanese. i like shooters and online titles. i don't want to sit through 3 hours of movies in mgs4 or do the whole kid with big hair saves the world thing with final fantasy.

forget a price drop... get some good AMERICAN games i can't already play on 360.

Monchichi0254738d ago

This article is from the Dallas news newspaper! Do you know how many mass market consumers are reading this and saying "forget the PS3!" I'm going with a system that won't be dying soon like the Wii or the 360!"

We can flame all we want on videogame sites but in reality our words will never affect the mass market. Now articles like this are specifically targeting them so this hurts BIG TIME!!!!

Kaneda4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

1.1 - A price drop is critical to Sony very soon...

PS3 you want 399.00??
memory cards reader
blu-ray (HD games, and HD movies)

Xbox 360 - 399.00
no wireless
DVD drive (HD games, but no movies)
Add-on HD-DVD 199.00
Add-on wireless 99.00
pay for online


Hooper User4738d ago

You forgot a few thing :

"PS3 you want 399.00??"
Unified friend list (Not avaible)
Online for every game (No)
Good Games (maybe in 2008)
HD cable (not included) 69.99 $ (

Xbox 360
Good games (already avaibles)
HD Movies (Downloadable/streaming)
HDDVD addon : Not requiered.

Also to list the PS3 at 399 $ thinking the 360 wouldn't get a price drop a the same time is stupid.

hfaze4736d ago

Actually, a $200 price drop is going to be the only way to pull off mass consumer acceptance. With articles like this out there, consumer confidence in the PS3 being a value at $599.99 is dropping quickly.

Tech-heads can appreciate what all the PS3 offers for $599, but your average consumer has no idea of what all of the features mean.

If the 60GB PS3 was dropped to $399.99, it would be a no-brainer that it's a good deal. And you would start to see more PS2 owners potentially stepping up to the PS3. And no doubt that if Sony dropped the price on the PS3, Microsoft and Nintendo would follow suit. Heck, I'm REALLY surprised that Microsoft didn't drop their price sooner... Then again with it selling the way it is at its current price, why stop milking the consumer... ;-) j/k..

And Hooper User:

Unified friend list (Not avaible)

BS. The Playstation Network is not like the old PS2 online where you had a seperate username and password for each game. With the PS3's PSNetwork, you login ONCE, and that login is good for ANY game you play.

Online for every game (No)

And the 360 DOESN'T have online for EVERY game either, moot point.

Good Games (maybe in 2008)

As far as exclusives, there's some promising titles coming up towards the end of the year, but I'll have to agree that the AAA titles won't be coming until next year.

HD cable (not included) $69.99

Ok, known fact that the PS3 doesn't come with HD cables. But if you're paying $69.99 for the cables, then you have no clue how to price shop...
Component PS3 Cables: $24.99
HDMI cable (6"): $19.99

And that only took 2 minutes of searching... MUCH better than paying $69.99 for HD cables. Shoot, the HDMI cable cost LESS than the component cable!

Oh, and a quick tip, the PS3 uses the SAME composite/component cable setup as the PS2. I've found universal PS2/XBox/XBox360 component cables for as little as $12 that work JUST FINE with the PS3.

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power of Green 4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

I dissagree, when millions of families and single mothers and their kids walk in a shop they'll look at the price tag and say theres no way i'm spending over $600 dollars on a game console its as simple as that.

What makes it worse is that popular opinion is in favor of the Wii and the 360, the hype of Wii and what the 360 offers now and in the future is much too strong to compete against with only brand reconition(PS3).

Games for the 360 with next-gen gameplay first then graphics have people exicted.

All this has set a new trend and thats how wars are won; the PS2 had games and set the trend with the casual masses the foundation of any winning companies fanbase.

Peole are moving on it really has nothing to do with anything else anymore price cuts and a few games here and there will increasingly be a moot point(s) as popular opinion is the hammer that slams nails in coffins.

Huge companies such as Burger King, T-moble, Mcdonalds,(Net-flix talks) Major movies studio's & Networks etc are seeing the 360's greatness its only a matter of time before XBL explodes and becomes something we have never dreamed of.(you can turn off the ads etc on your 360)

Point is they'll start sponsering XBL and it will be free soon and there will be so much money left XBL will more than likely have major overhuals and no other console will be able to compete. We havn't seen anything yet on how powerful popular opinion is and how it can kill other consoles by word of mouf alone.

Expy4738d ago

Who's fault is it that they're single? The people. Blame the people don't blame the price tag.

BlackIceJoe4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

I know what you are saying but I was talking about myself not some body else. As for the part about families and single mothers. I do agree with you that they will not want to buy the system. But Sony has said they are not going after the casual market more of the hardcore games. So I can not see what I said was so wrong. I said there is not that many great PS3 games out there right now and that is the truth. Yes I want more games on the system and I think in time there will be.

Also on another thing. If it is true that Sony really is going to keep the PS3 alive for ten years. I for one think I made a smart move in buying the system. So like I said buying the PS3 was not a hard choice for me and the same can be said for my 360 and Wii.

So if that is why you did not like what I wrote. That is fine with me and I am happy with the systems I own and can't wait to see what else will come out for the systems.

cartman3134738d ago

I guess I agree and disagree with you. It is true that when some people see the $600 tag they think no way. When I bought it, I probably spent more like $900. It seems now days though, $600 really isn't that much. I spend over $700 a month on my car alone.

Thing about the PS3 is you get a lot from it. Although if you buy it strictly for games, it's not something you will want to buy right now, and I think people are aware of that. Which is why sales are so low.

From what I gather, Playstation always starts like this, and ends up being #1. It's too early to tell. Give it another year and see where it's at.

DrunKao4738d ago

This "blame the people for not being able to afford a PS3" attitude people like Expy has is beyond ridiculous. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Sony priced the PS3 TOO high, it's that simple. Sony's business model requires that a lot of people buy PS3s, not just a few rich people, for their success and the success of all the third party publishers and developers that support them. Sony overestimated how strong the Playstation brand was and how many people were willing to pay $600 for a games console. Not everyone is as fortunate as you to be able to afford a PS3 and if the PS3 fails because of it then only Sony is to blame, not your average joe that has to work hard to support their family and can barely manage to do that. Sony will have to live with their bad decisions, and maybe you might have to as well.

But maybe you're right. Let's all blame the poor people, it's their fault that they're poor and the PS3 is failing! They need to get better jobs and/or stop taking care of their children for the success of Sony!!! People like you are an embarrassment to gamers everywhere. As much as you might think the PS3 is this HUGE bargain, if the mass market doesn't feel the same way then it really doesn't matter what you think.

dustin25244738d ago


is it expensive? a little

is it priced to high? hell no, look up how much all the hardware is inside a ps3. its actually priced too low, but i wont argue.

DrunKao4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

"Just a little" depends on what you want in a games console. The problem with arguing that the PS3 is worth more than it's sold for is that the sole factor in the PS3's price difference between the 360 is completely irrelevant to most consumers. Therein lies Sony's problem. If a person wants a Blu-Ray player then the PS3 really isn't that expensive, but the fact of the matter is that for a lot of people, the PS3's Blu-Ray capabilities hold absolutely NO VALUE, so it's almost like spending $200 extra for nothing. Even people with HDTVs don't care that the PS3 is an affordable Blu-Ray player.

Besides, didn't the PS3 recently lose that title when Sony announced a $500 Blu-Ray player?

thisisim4738d ago

Are you actually passing judgement on single parent families? Wow. That's a very offensive thought process and you'd do well to think it through another way. "Who's fault is it that they're single?" Be really careful there unless you know more about it than the family that has undergone the tragedy (death, divorce, abuse, etc, etc, there are many causes).

And why shouldn't people blame the price tag? Seems pretty simple to me - if it's too much for you, you're not going to buy the system. And the PS3 is a very expensive gaming system, historically and otherwise.

The price isn't too high for some, but I'd say it is for most.

ElementX4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )


Kaneda4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

You want PS3 blu-ray drive to be the same price as Xbox 360 DVD drive?? give me a break!

Xbox 360 wireless add-on is 99 dollars...PS3 wireles is included..

DVD is almost 10 years old...

PS3n3604737d ago

Thats about the same age as the PS3 controller.

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StupidTeenagersMust-4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

And no games since like March. What did they expect, a miracle? I'm guessing the same people predicting its doom will be saying in October "Oh, we totally knew it was going to sell this well. Totally!"

*Edit to Powerof...Green?

Wait, millions of families and single mothers? Looks like someone's been reading too much marketing propaganda. =P No offense, but that sounded like it was straight out of a Walmart pamphlet. Good laughs, good laughs. I like you. =]

But seriously, why are you implying that all videogame titles not published on the 360 are somehow 'lacking in next-gen gameplay'. Maybe you should try out Motorstorm or Wii Sports sometime. It might change your mind. =/

Honeal2g4738d ago

theres two things i dont understand about that game .. 1 is why do they count it as its own game when in reality it comes with the system reason i say that is because i always see like "wii sports sells XX amount for the month of XX", and 2 how on earth can someone over the age of 12 play that game for more than 1/2 an hour without realizing it doesnt matter how swing the controller while batting aslong as u swing intime to hit the ball..(i mean seriously u can easily hit home run after homerun if u have some form of intelligence and why would u categorize that game as "next-gen" dont come with that motion sensor B.S ever played duck hunt? not sayin its not fun at times but definetly not worthy of "next gen"

ImWithStupid4738d ago

I had both PS3 and 360 and 2 days ago I traded the 360 in. It just doesn't compare to the gameplay the PS3 delivers. Has anyone thought that Sony is waiting for a decent software lineup to build and then drop the price??

They could drop the price already, because the near $100 they were paying yesterday to put a bluray diode into each BD for the PS3 now costs $8. They are only trying to recoup as much of the launch costs as they can at the full $600 price tag before the lower the boom and the PS3 starts moving like you know what through a goose. It is wayyyy too powerful of a console to be written off this early. There are games already on the way for the PS3 that are simply not possible on the 360 not to mention that a launch title like Resistance outdoes a title like Gears in size,scale and sheer number of enemies on screen at one time. (The firefights are massive in this game.)Speaks volumes about what a heavyweight punch the PS3 will bring this fall. Only fools doubt that Killzone will beat the 05 trailer. The PS3 has the power to push that in realtime and more.

OC_MurphysLaw4738d ago

wow....well I guess your name says it all doesn't it?

ngg123454738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

Big time. I'm betting on 143 comments. Why are people disagreeing me?

Covenant4738d ago

I'll take that bet, and raise it: 160+

Nothing like good 'ol flamebait to get the forums fired up.

FadedDRFT4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )



Ps3 owns hahahahahahaahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahahahaha yawn

InMyOpinion4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

86 =)

*edit* Heh...242?!

weekapaugh4738d ago

lol....its been out for 7 months the last time I checked.

Xi4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

so is the wii.

7 months into the original xbox life it had
and a plethora of other games and exclusives.
and look how well it did. What does the ps3 have 7 months into life?

What I'm trying to say is the ps3 is not the ps2, it doesn't have that 1 year lead, it doesn't have the right price point and it doesn't have the games. So expecting the ps3 to follow the path as the ps2, it wont work since it has competition already, it can't go without the game like the ps2 did. I agree 7 months is early but it is still a good indicator of a consoles success.