Component updates are "commonplace", says Microsoft

Platform holder declines to comment directly on 360 overheating rumours

Microsoft has declined to comment directly on rumours that it has updated the 360 with a second GPU heatsink - but has said that such upgrades are "commonplace within the industry".

The comments come after some European Xbox 360 owners reported that consoles they sent away for repair were returned with an extra heatsink installed.

There have been suggestions in the past that the 360 suffers from overheating problems, and there is now speculation that the addition of a second heatsink is an attempt to solve the problem.

Speaking to a Microsoft spokesperson explained: "Regularly updating console components is commonplace within the industry and is a standard aspect of the business for a variety of reasons including cost reduction, improved manufacturability and improved performance."

However, the spokesperson declined to specifically confirm or deny the second heatsink rumours, adding, "We do not provide details on these updates."

It is not known whether Microsoft may make this a permanent design change in all future console manufacturing, or if repairs done in the US will include a similar addition.

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StupidTeenagersMust-4735d ago

There's a difference between updating components, and adding like a third heatsink. I mean, it's good that this will decrease a lot of Ring-of-Death incidents, but it kinda implicates Microsoft as being at fault. But it's good news!

Satanas4735d ago

I think that it is good if they did such a thing. The newer models would have the heatsink, and repaired ones should get it. I don't see why this would angry anyone, if they can improve it by doing so they should.

Lord Anubis4735d ago

this is going to create confusing among buyers. Hopefully they will add the same component to the new line of X360's.

PS360PCROCKS4735d ago

No commonplace is overheated, broken down consoles Microsoft. Companies do not normally add components because their original design couldn't dissipate heat well enough...Stop with the bullsh*t and just say "We fuc*ed up, we're now adding a 2nd heat sink to deal with the problems consumers have been having..." But than again that would make them at fault and they would get sued and god knows you should be able to lie to get out of getting sued.

PS360PCROCKS4735d ago

oh and genius Microsoft by commentin on this all you did was confirm that you did change something otherwise you would have said "we dont comment on rumors and speculation" dur dur