Nvidia GF100: Video-Leak shows real-time ray tracing, tessellation and Far Cry 2

Three Nvidia GF100 vids leaked out: The videos shows real-time ray tracing, tessellation-water-features and a performance test with the ego-shooter Far Cry 2.

Nihilism5243d ago (Edited 5243d ago )

Looking good, I benched my GTX280 to compare, 55 frame average at those settings, they got 84.1 frame average, aka 66% performance increase and that's only the gtx360...

Thank god for a tax refund coming my way soon.

I heard that the Fermi NDAs end at "9pm", don't know if that's GMT or what, but either way, we should have some kind of solid performance figures by tomorrow, or maybe just a lot more speculation :S

I'm sick of the speculation, so lets hope for the best.

jmd7495243d ago

not bad for a mid-range card. the ray-tracing framerate increase made me lol, from 0.23fps to 0.62fps. :P

i'm gonna hold on to my GTX295 for as long as i can.

Kurylo3d5243d ago

Im waiting for it to come out so i can get a new computer. My current machine has 2 gtx 260s.

For my work though the prospect of a C GPU is awesome. Plus direct x 11 i want lol.

JsonHenry5243d ago

I was thinking the same thing. Time to (possibly) upgrade! I have a new HD 5870 that I am totally willing to sell if Fermi is a better part.

Now my real conundrum is if I am going AMD Phenom II or a cheap i7 in my next build. I know the i7 is faster, but for the money I have no noticed that much of a difference. (everything is more expensive for the i7, triple channel RAM, the intel MBs are crazy expensive too)

Nihilism5243d ago (Edited 5243d ago )

Don't believe the hype, the CGPU stuff is only for programs that are made to use it, you won't see automatic hardware acceleration in any programs, so essentially 99% of people will never even see that function in use.

But I agree about DX11, a lot of good games using it coming out, that's the real question though isn't it, how well it runs games in DX11, although the farcry 2 benchmark is of interest to me because I love that game and plan to get a 120hz monitor so I can play it with a fermi card at 120 frames with vsync, and even it it cant quite make that, it will at least be better than 60 frames

gaffyh5243d ago

Wow, quite a noticeable difference. Will have to think about upgrading soon, but I probably will upgrade my whole computer when I need to. My 9600GT is good enough for most games at the moment.

TheIneffableBob5243d ago

Since the time was revealed by a person in California, that 9 PM is likely PST, so 12 AM EST.

Kakkoii5242d ago


Well you have to look at the ray-tracing speed increase in terms of % increase. It's performing the ray-tracing 260% faster. As the number becomes larger, the amount of FPS increase from the % increase becomes exponentially more.

Well the thing is, Nvidia worked really hard to implement Fermi support in the upcoming version of Visual C++. So developers will VERY easily be able to open their source code and port it to run on your 300 series and up GPU's. It takes a very minimal amount of modification to do. So you will see at least a few companies releasing versions of their app's that support Fermi GPU acceleration in 2010. And years on from there it should hopefully pick up speed. "Hopefully".

ChrisW5242d ago (Edited 5242d ago )

Which is extremely NICE!!!

But, I opted for the gtx275 over the gtx285 because I found not enough difference between the two to warrant an extra $100 on Tom's Hardware benchmarks:

As for the gtx295, $500+ is a bit steep for me.

I'll probably upgrade in about two years when the next-next gen graphics card hits "just-below" $300.

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ChickeyCantor5243d ago

A video of a video of a video, LOL?

Nihilism5243d ago

OMFG *blue shift takes place*

phosphor1125243d ago

They don't exist anymore apparently.

Pandamobile5243d ago

The videos were removed from Vimeo.

Letros5243d ago

Nice job Nvidia, won't be long before they ship now.

hoops5242d ago

March or April they will be coming. Can't ait to see independaent bench marks from various sits

zaz125243d ago

nice,but i'm gonna hold on to my GTX260 till the end of the year. I may end up building a complete new rig with "gtx 380".

BX815243d ago

So, this will work with my commodore 64 correct? I'm not too late am I guys?

mrv3215243d ago

I believe the commodore64 has one built in it just needs a new firmware to use it.

commodore645242d ago

The Commodore64 cannot be improved.
It's already perfect.