BioShock 2 DLC Confirmed

In an interview with Kent Hudson from 2k Marin it was revealed that BioShock 2 DLC is in the works.

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Static-X4999d ago

2K haven't even released the game yet!

Blaze9294999d ago

if its anything dealing with multiplayer then I'm not interested. This is one of those games where it seems the multiplayer could have easily been left out but the developers felt the "need" to include in to justify the purchase.

Like I'm sure the MP might be fun, or not, but i seriously don't see myself playing it actively or even at all after the first few times. Should have just devoted all time and resources to the single player campaign.

That's just my opinion though. Could be wrong and find out the MP is a blast. Who knows, but I doubt it.

tdrules4999d ago

the gaming community brought it upon themselves by lapping it up.
il stick to my free updates and expansions thanks

Nihilism4999d ago (Edited 4999d ago )

I agree, NO DLC should be announced before a game is released. Bioshock is one of those games that was meant to be a single player game, and one that especially shouldn't require DLC.

I will buy all 3 games, but if there is story that they left out for the sake of DLC then F them, Bioshock 2 will be my last or the 3.

Hey console gamers: F you. Your complacency has led to the DLC generation.

All I can say is that this better be free on PC, considering that no company need pay for the bandwidth due to PC being an open platform, there is no reason why it should not be free,. God damn price gouging mofo's

From the article:

"Honestly, I don’t think this is any big surprise to anyone, but it’s nice to see there’s some coming. "

NO it isn't, if there was no DLC, then we'd know they focused all their efforts on making a great game and story, rather than skimping on content to make an extra $.


I'd rather it be multiplayer related so that it can be easily skipped, rather than essential story elements that you NEED to get the full experience.

KillaManiac4999d ago

As long as the DLC isn't already on the Disc and you are just purchasing a unlock key...its fine (ex: Resident Evil 5).

Its just showing that 2k Marin doesn't plan to just drop Bioshock 2 and run to next game.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n4999d ago (Edited 4999d ago )

It'd better be free on PC because they dont have to pay to send it to you? I think your forgetting about a little thing called development cost and the fact the main reason any DLC is released is to make money. And with regards to them not focusing fully on the game: the way it read to me, 2k Marin were doing the game an someone else the DLC

Carl14124999d ago

TOTALLY agree, Bioshock doesn't need any DLC. Okay i was fine with the Challenge Rooms in the first, they were fine - not connected to the story in any way and just some added puzzles. If it's like that again, fine, i may buy them.

But if it is some online crap (which i will never play by the way, Bioshock is the sort of game that should be single player only - not every game needs a tacked on mutliplayer) or added story stuff then i probably won't be buying it.

Even if it WAS the sort of game that DLC is good for, it shouldn't be announced before we even have a release date for the game.

LostDjinn4999d ago

If it's multiplayer based, I don't care about it. If it's story based I'm not happy. DLC being prepared before the product is even released shows that the core games dev cycle is being encroached on. Deciding what to leave out (to make DLC) and what to include in the core game may allow for better story based expansion. The problem is that it ensures your core experience is an unfinished product and I think we can all agree that blows.

dchalfont, I agree that console games are partially responsible for the trend. I believe greed drives the bulk of DLC releases though.

Nihilism4999d ago

I agree, there are still some gullible PC gamers about, I thought MW2 had sold poorly due to the poor treatment of their PC fan base...but a few minutes ago, I was informed that MW2 sold more on PC in the first week than COD4 ever did on PC....so much for standing up for what you believe in. Next time I see a PC petition for any game, I'm going to call them out, spineless the lot of them.

LostDjinn4999d ago

The worst part is that if you show people they can treat you anyway they want, what right do you have to get angry when they treat you badly? You're inviting it.
As for MW2, I don't know what the game's like. I didn't even rent it, let alone buy it. Activision are on my blacklist. I don't care what anybody else does. I'm not supporting those butt munchers.
Anyway, it's good to see some people around here willing to "tell it like it is". Keep up the good work.

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Raoh4999d ago

wording is everything

if you tell me DLC confirmed.. i'm pretty much NOT going to buy it..

you may fool me if you say something like "we would love to create more content and continue the experience if we see a demand for it"

GamerPS3604999d ago

nicely said. I have bought one 2 DLC so far, GTAiv and Warhawk. That's it. I don't like to support DLC.

Goon 1874999d ago

This is getting too common

4999d ago
Kratos Spartan4999d ago

there is nothing we can do about it, is there? You can say "just don't buy it" but you would just be wasting your breath. Put a product out there, no matter what it is, and people will buy it. Why? Because it's there.