Time Crisis 4 Confirmed PS3 Exclusive

Almost as if to reinforce the point earlier today that the company is by no means abandoning Sony or the PlayStation 3, Namco Bandai has just officially confirmed that it is indeed developing Time Crisis 4 exclusively for the PS3.

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Ru4738d ago

:) I cant Lose!
Unless its wii
But once I see somthing like metroid Ill probly buy it too.
And most likely sell it shortly after just like the Cube.

FreeMonk4737d ago

I agree. Although I only own the X360, once the big games start arriving on the PS3, that's when I'll purchase one.

I really would like to play Resistance: Fall of Man, but won't because it doesn't warrent my $600 for the PS3 console for 1 game.

Although Time Crisis 4 is not one of the big games that is a must play, I'd give it a go when I get my PS3.

REbirth4737d ago


hope this game helps ps3 in japan...
cus time crisis looks very like a game for japaneses:P

i remember playing the 1st one on my ps1 and it was very very addicitve:)

Satanas4737d ago

Man, how I agree. For me, owning a 360 and PS3 is the sweet spot. Not too keen on Wii, but I'm curious to see the new Metroid as well.

PlayStation3604737d ago

I agree totally. Why must everyone diss each others consoles. Just own both, or all 3. Get the best of all worlds. Don't limit yourself.

marionz4737d ago

just hire the ps3 out with resistance thats what i did, even better when i hired it out i joined the online service and got the free bond blu-ray!
yes resistance is great and not paying for my blu-ray was great too! i dont have a bluray player though!

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kingofps34738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

I just want to see Ace Combat 6 jump out (pun intended). E307 would be the perfect place.

@Jay da 2KBalla
I know it is exclusive as of the last Namco press release regarding the game's targeted platform of release. Jump In--->Jump Out

Jay da 2KBalla4738d ago

Ace combat 6 is exclusive to 360.

Antan4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

Thank god!! for a minute there i thought you posted a Time Crisis 4 comment. How silly of me!

Why o why4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

Whens the us holiday season. He said that when it will release in the us

NOW cumon sega, givus ya virtua cop and house of the dead real quick

ErcsYou4738d ago

im not superised. time crisis 4 was built on a upgraded ps2 arcade board,. since its a perfect port, dont expect the greatest graphics in the world.
i will definetly buy this game ( maybe import )

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The story is too old to be commented.