Phantasy Star Universe details

New details have emerged of forthcoming PC, PS2 and Xbox 360 title Phantasy Star Universe - including news that you'll be able to create and customise your very own virtual living space.

That's according to an article in Famitsu, partially translated by GameSpot, which says you'll use special "remodelling tickets" to choose yourself a room from a range of designs.

You'll be able to spruce up your space by purchasing special items, and give other players presents, too. When you're online, up to five players can come and join you in your room - and even when you're offline, it'll still be open for others to come and visit. And if you need to drum up a bit of cash, you can even hold a jumble sale in your room to get rid of any unwanted junk.

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sparco5789d ago

Phantasy star had to be one of ma most favourite games on the dreamcast. I also enjoyed the free beta Pc version. Never purchased the real thing though.

Schmitty075789d ago

Does this have a montly fee.

And why isn't it coming to the PS3?

the_bebop5789d ago

I don't know if it has a monthly fee for the online version of the game. However the reason I do know why it is not comming to the the PS3 is that intinally the game was made to come out only on the PS2 and PC.

Which would make it usless to put it on the PS3 at this point.

The Xbox 360 version is probably just a port from the PC version so that sega can take advantage of there online capabilites. Also if you look at the release date for the PS2 and the PC on Gamespot it has the release date for both versions in the 4th quater of this year, with the 360 version on the 2nd quater of 2007.