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Urk Writes:

Bungie fans, we're asking you to step up, "Be a Hero," and help us help Haiti.

At 4:53pm on Tuesday, January 12th, 2010, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake swept through the Republic of Haiti and shook the nation to its knees. We've watched in shock, horror, and sadness as men, women, and children scramble amidst the rubble looking for friends, family, and loved-ones. We struggle to make sense of it and can't help but feel helpless as we witness to struggle for survival from afar. Sadly, the situation is only getting worse.

For some of us, this is a grim reminder of our own tragedies. We hear echoes of the ocean spilling into the streets of New Orleans. We recall broken buildings slipping away from our skylines, falling into dust. And as shattered families in Haiti begin their own relief and rescue effort, we are reminded that the divide between our nations and our peoples is not so wide, that we are not so different, and that we are not so helpless.

We can do something. We can make a difference. But we can't do it alone. We're calling on the Bungie community. We're asking for your help.

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Captain Tuttle4209d ago

Pretty good idea and a clever way to get money to people in need.

LordMarius4209d ago

but a better way of helping is to relocate all those people, it will just be a matter of time before another earthquake hits and everything will happen again, with all the money that went into rebuilding would just have been wasted, but of course we dont live in a logical world so this will never happen

dtrain214209d ago

I wish i could be a hero but i bought too many i'm poor now

socomnick4209d ago

So you want to relocate the entire country of Haiti becuase maybe sometime in the future they might get hit by another earthquake ?

You know why not relocate Tokyo too they get hit with earthquakes quite often they might even be hit by one soon you never know, or you know lets evacuate all of south east asia we wouldn't want them getting hit by another Tsunami.

Evacuating an entire country is not logical and lets be honest impossible who the hell will want the Haitians really, what incentive would any country have to take anyone. The only realistic thing to do is send food, provide help and then give them some resources so they can rebuild. There's really nothing else people can do.

LordMarius4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

over and over and over again.
its not logical to live in an unstable area

pansenbaer4209d ago

socomnick is ignorant. The earthquake is just the icing on the cake. Haiti is just about poorest nation in the WORLD. They live on about 2 dollars a day. They are completely out of natural resources. The list goes on. There is plenty of room in the world to home 10 million Haitians. It would be quite the task, but building them home across the world, would probably cost less than to rebuild an island. And what the hell does 'nobody would want them' mean? Haitians are some pretty awesome people and I wouldn't mind putting one up in my house if it meant we were helping them.

iceman064209d ago

You ALMOST made a completely unoffensive comment...that is until the "who the hell would want the Haitians" portion. I agreed with everything else though. Continued humanitarian support in the form of food, clothing, temporary shelters, protection, and personnel is what Haiti will need to at least get the basic infrastructure of the country back to a basic level. Then, it will be money...and lots of it!

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macalatus4209d ago

Thanks to Bungie for reaching out to gamers to help out the people in Haiti. Granted, the money may not be enough to help everybody, but even a few dollars would still help someone in need.

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