Madden 10 predicts winners of NFL playoff games

"Games aren't played on paper. Nothing is certain, which is why the games are physically played. That was not a deterrent, though, in letting Madden 10 (on the PS3) match up the AFC and NFC contenders to see who emerges for the right to play in the divisional championship series.

Now Madden does not have the EA Sports Dynamic DNA function of who's hot and who is not. While it did update rosters, it does not have a one-click feature to simulated the atmosphere of a playoff game. These were straight head-to-head competitions to see who would do what. Only time will tell if the most "accurate" football sim got it right."

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Nakerman5296d ago

I see the NFL is returning to Wembley again this year- very cool!

Harry_Manback5295d ago

Not that I'm all into sports, but I've gotta root for my home team :)

phosphor1125295d ago

Colts will win. ;)

Even tecmo bowl 2009 edition says so.

sonarus5295d ago

Colts fans FTMFW!!!

If the colts lose this game then the whole season was simply a waste

Bnet3435295d ago

Go Jets! Rex Ryan is a great coach! Upset the Chargers! :P

rockleex5295d ago

Just like this article predicted.

Myze5295d ago

Well, the predictions are off to a crappy start so far. Saints/Cardinals game is a blowout (45-14 Saints with 6min left).

shadow27975294d ago

This "sim" is 0-2 so far.

But I hope it's right about the Vikings winning. Not that I don't like Dallas, but the Vikings are my team. Favre and AD FTW!

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athmaus5296d ago

Nope nope...cowboys will beat the Vikings!!! >=D

jstefanovic5296d ago

I'm torn (I am not sure who to root for since my beloved Dolphins are not good) - my fiance's team: the Cowboys, or My best friend for 17 years: The Vikes. Any advice out there???

athmaus5296d ago

trust your gut..root for your finance team ;)

jannytime5295d ago

vikings all the way my man. i hate the cowbows, such an arrogant franchise.. like the lakers.. hate em too

TooTall195294d ago

Go with the Vikes. Cheering for the Cowgirls is just as bad as cheering for the Yankees.

shadow27975294d ago

Speaking of cheering, the Cowboys do have some good cheerleaders. Haha.

I would say, more recently, that the Patriots are more like the Lakers/Yankees than Dallas, personally.

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ktcat5296d ago

not so sure about those predictions. I give it 50% accuracy.

Maximum Yuks5296d ago

Colts lose to the Ravens? Blasphemy.

jstefanovic5296d ago

Not sure I agree with everything that Madden predicts, especially all the high scores, but it will be fun to see how close they are to picking winners.