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Eurogamer: Video showing the controller latency in one of the Project Natal demos.

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captain-obvious3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

i'll be back after watching the vid


okay its not lag its just slow response

lokiroo4203199d ago

Please define lag to everyone? If thats not lag I dont know what is. It lags even more so with fast movement.

3199d ago
captain-obvious3199d ago

OKAY OKAY it lags alright ?

i just don't want this to turn to some fanboy BS

Bungie3199d ago

@ captain-obvious

you shouldn't say anything good about MS's products here :)

OT so much lag i can see natal suffering so much coz of it

can't call what i've seen so far innovative

hope final product works better

young juice3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

does this have to do with the 360's spu not being powerful enough to process it very fast. i don't know much about natal or but maybe if they gave the camera itself the ability to do ALL the motion tracking data and feed it to the 360 it would solve the lag problem. of course that would make natal pretty expensive. idk i think they should have figured all this crap out way before they announced it.


wtf bungie did you get hacked or something im trying very hard to find you stealth troll sentence but... Oh wait nevermind i think i found it.

Maddens Raiders3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

have it ironed out by the time it releases later this year. With MS's reputation in the hardware dept., this can't make too many people feel confident that these types of problems won't make it to the living room though - but like I said, they still have some time to figure it out.

JaggedSac3199d ago

Everyone realizes this was from last E3 right?

Chris3993199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

This is old and invalid news. Show me some current, real-time demonstrations please.

I will be buying this, so long as it's $50 or thereabouts, but people are setting their hopes way too high. I expect casual games and one or two "interesting" but not fully-realized experiences. It will work best if they add little tactical elements to games rather than building "Natal only" games from the ground up.

Like circling a group of troops on screen for an RTS. Akin to the response you get with the PC/ mouse combo, but from your couch. If they do a Natal shooter, it's bound to be awkward and very corridorish.

Edit: Most recent footage is this:

But it is a highlight reel of rehashed videos and mostly hype. And no, I'm not particularly excited about Sony's wand either. That could also be fail, and we're lacking a great deal of info on both devices.

TotalPS3Fanboy3199d ago

Now that the chip have been removed, the 360 will have to do extra processing, making the lag even worst. In this day and age, this kind of lag is just unacceptable.

moneybuyseverything3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

What makes you think the removed chip provided more or a equal amount of power/resources? You really think a onboard chip on a camera had more processing capability than what Natal is tapped into now? LOL

This video will be almost 1 1/2 old when Natal launches. Lets stop with the fear=smear. Enjoy your PS3 and forget about the console race and the impact Natal will have on it. Just enjoy your PS3 and stop showing your obvious fears.

D4RkNIKON3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Watched the vid and laughed hard. Who really thinks that dropping the chip will HELP this situation? Using the 360 to process this data will limit gaming resources quite a bit too.

moneybuyseverything3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

That video is with the chip(22/08/09). Natal is plugged into the more powerful 360 hardware now. Fanboys don't even know what they're looking at.

That ball game is Microsoft's prototype show piece. The way the tech demo runs could by linked to the code they used, meaning what fanboys are doing could be along the lines of blaming a console for frame rate issues instead of the game code first.

It's so obvious most normal people are waiting silently and all you see are PS3 fans in Natal articles bashing and doing damage control. It's FEAR.

I know it's scary to see a product that may have the same impact as the Wii. I would be worried too if I were a Sony only pony with so many developers excited about the Natal tech with them making so many games for it.

Mr Logic3199d ago

Fyi taking away processing power decreases performance. That video was Natal w/chip plus the 360. Now you have Natal wo/chip. Which do you think yields better performance?

A Cupcake for Gabe3199d ago

From every video I have seen, it has about a half a second delay or less. Which is a hell of a lot when it comes to moving at normal speed or faster. But it still follows the motions really well. So if they can get it to be 1:1, then that'll be great. PS3Eye does 120frames at 1080p, NATAL should be able to do the same. It's advanced right?

billjimbob3199d ago

22/08/09 - Date this video was taken.
17/11/10 - Approximate date Natal releases.

fallingdove3199d ago


You are right, it has everything to do with fear.

A fear that games will move more toward motion control if sheep buy into the rediculous hype.

A fear that by promoting this technology it turns our precious game consoles into the nintendo wii. Paving the way for countless mini-game compilations and little boy pedofile sims(milo was it?).

I bought into the Wii, and am a broken man because of it. We are trying to save your hardcore gamer sanity. You will thank us later.

rockleex3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Natal with chip + 360 processing power > Natal using ONLY 360 processing power

Its funny how people can claim less = more.

moneybuyseverything3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

PS Eye can capture video at 120fps, what does that have to do with fullbody motion?. Or any motion for that matter? LMAO Natal's video mode specs have not been released.

Hate on guys, have fun LOL>

rockleex3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Because the PS Eye uses video to capture fullbody motion... obviously. The PS Eye is also used in conjunction with the Wands.

This basically means it can take in data at 120fps. Twice the amount of information needed for 60fps games.

That means there will never be any amount of lag FROM the PS Eye. The only problems will lie within the game itself.

Saaking3199d ago

Even if it is old, recent tech demos STILL show a lot of lag. For something that's so revolutionary, it can't even do 60 FPS while even the PSeye can. It's gonna limit the 360 even more. Between this and the PS Wand, I'll take the wand any day as it has MANY more uses. Still, I don't care about motion control.

Bigpappy3199d ago

I would like to bring to your attention that this was posted August of last year and second I don't know that this is Natal being tested as they don't show Natal any where in the video. This could be the Zcam for all we know.

yorkie3199d ago

Apart from common sense it seems !

Bigpappy3199d ago

Natal tracks the whole body at several points. Comparing them is useless as they use the camera in completely different ways. Natal will be fine 9 to 10 months to go.

dragonelite3199d ago

Part of the article. Read this and read this well. Natal operates at the same latence input as killzone 2 at the higher end

----------------------------- ----------
Even running in real-time, the video of me waving my right arm up and down gives some indication of the lag, but it's important to emphasise the "some indication" bit in the strongest-possible terms. The video recording was made at 1080i - 60 fields per second - and this can be interpolated out with reasonable accuracy to a progressive 60FPS video. Frame-counting from moving my arm down to the on-screen Avatar following suit appears to be close to 200ms (12 frames, a fifth of a second). Before we go ballistic on this, it's got to be put into context in a number of respects:

* We don't know the latency of the display, which could be anything between 1-5 frames (it's a Samsung, so it'll likely be towards the lower end).
* We don't know the latency caused by the game code - it varies dramatically, even between 30FPS games.
* Of course, Natal isn't finished yet, and best guestimates say it'll be 14 months until it's out in the shops. There's a very strong possibility that the final production unit will be different.

With that in mind, an educated guess on the optimistic side would be that this Breakout-style demo operates between 133ms to 166ms - effectively the same range of response as Halo 3 working with the joypad. Assuming it's an ultra-quality, low-latency display, that delta shifts to 166ms-200ms - similar to Killzone 2/GTAIV controller lag. Certainly in this test, the latency is noticeable, and I think it's clear to see when the video is running in real-time, but until we get the tech into controlled conditions, preferably in a straight head-to-head with the conventional joypad performing like-for-like tasks (dash navigation, for example), a precise latency figure isn't possible. As I've said, what we see here is an indication of likely performance.

----------------------------- ------------------------------- --

rockleex3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

PS Eye is a camera.

It can track just your body. It can track just the wand. It can even track both.

It can do headtracking. It can determine whether you're male or female. Kid or adult. Whether you're smiling or not. It can detect when you speak.

Come on, do you guys even know what the PS Eye can do?

Not only that, Sony already created a voice recognition library for the PS3. Since the PS Eye has a microphone built-in, it can also be used for voice recognition in games.

Note: Singstar is already using voice recognition.

PirateThom3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Of course they don't, other wise they might realise what Natal really is and why I am absolutely shocked at the amount of people supporting.




A camera is just an input, software can do the calculations for points. The lack of processor in Natal means it's doing EXACTLY the same thing as the PS Eye, albeit with a better camera tech (ignoring the lag) with the issue of performance loss.

phalanx_mark3199d ago

the lag is not because of the chip its not because of the software its because it operates at 30hz.

rockleex3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Exactly my point.

PS Eye can operate at 60hz minimum or 120hz maximum.

That means there will NEVER be any lag no matter which mode you're running it on.

But try telling that to the Natal supporters.

Saaking3199d ago

Yep, anyone without fanboy goggles on can clearly see that. I really don't understand all this hype for Natal. The same people that hate the Wii are now hyping motion controls? They're just making fools of themselves.

dragonelite3199d ago

You need to know that the cam records at 60 fps but does it process all the info to 60 times per second. And processing a 2d image is way more easier then processing the point cloud system natal uses.

So why build a camera that can record at 60 fps when you only can process input at 30 times per second?

randomwiz3199d ago

360 has no SPU... instead a triple core cpu

beans3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

"Even if it is old, recent tech demos STILL show a lot of lag."

What recent tech demos? Link please

"For something that's so revolutionary, it can't even do 60 FPS while even the PSeye can."

And just how do you know it can't do 60 fps again?

"It's gonna limit the 360 even more."

And since when was it limited? Last I checked 2010 is full of games surpassing anything prior.

"Between this and the PS Wand, I'll take the wand any day as it has MANY more uses."

What more uses lol?

"Still, I don't care about motion control."

Then why did you post total troll bait?

Edit: Natal will do and play games perfectly fine. Haters will continue to attack 360 as always and life will go on.

edit below Thom: And the same could be said about fanboys that attack it. Comments like yours loose complete credibility because your one sided. Thanks for trying but scram troll.

PirateThom3199d ago

And fanboys will defend a product they know nothing about.

Bigpappy3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

What I said was that it is not being used for that. It is being used to track the wand in 3D. PSeye is not a 3D camera. The wand is Sony's implementation of a "Z" axis. but it represents 1 point on the "Z" axis. Natal tracks several (I believe it was 40)points on the body with no light source. Sony tried the side to side motion with I toy and PSeye but this is the first time they are working in the 3D space.

The quickness they are referring to is not how quickly the lens can capture an image, but rather long it takes for the software to convert the gesture to a digital signal and covert it to a movement on the screen. Again 1 to 1 with 1 point of reference with a bulb is much easier than 40 points with no light source.

Vioce recognition is not as a mic, it is giving instruction and having the software understand and respond to your words. How does Sing Star use VR?

WildArmed3198d ago

well I'mma wait till Project natal gets a real name >.<
Hopefully they'll iron out that issue by then..
coz slow response/lag sucks imo.

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FiftyFourPointTwo3199d ago (Edited 3199d ago )

Project Lagtal

FishCake9T43199d ago

The start kind of reminds me of the Marx Brothers movie. Minus the lag.

RedDragan3199d ago

Microsoft could make a game called Lagfest.

RedDragan3199d ago

I wish we saw what happens when the whole body is moving, I would guess the lag is unbearable at that point but it can't handle an arm.

However, they have nearly a full year to improve it.