Ten Reasons Waluigi is Awesome

Coop writes, "Recently, New Super Mario Bros. Wii came out, blowing away nearly every platformer released this generation. There were few flaws, most focused on the third and fourth playable characters being nameless Toads, instead of two of the dozens of other characters that have shown up in the series. Most confusing was the absence of Wario and Waluigi, who would have been perfect additions considering the backstabbing that takes place in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. When this was pointed out, however, in a recent article on Gamervision, we realized that not everyone was keen on the idea of Waluigi showing up in another game, and it became apparent that the internet needed a lesson exactly how awesome Waluigi is. Here are ten reasons, whittled down from a list we've come up with that numbers in the hundreds of thousands."

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dominicm3201d ago

Waluigi is indeed awesome, but shyguy is way cooler.

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