What Natal Game Will Capcom Make?

Now that Capcom has revealed it is developing for Natal, what kind of title can gamers expect? Game Force 4 investigates.

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Prince of Lies3199d ago

Not even going to read the article. I'm just going to stare at that picture for an hour or so.

AKNAA3198d ago

I highly doubt it would be powerstone, that game might cause you to distroy ur whole living room... I would just assume megaman since it doesn't involve much movement aside from shooting and jumping.

GameGambits3198d ago

One of two things comes to mind for me.

1) Dead Rising. It seems like you could add a lot of zany things with Natal for it that could work on PS3 motion wand as well if it was multi plat later on.

2) Breath of Fire...Okay so maybe not the best choice, but I just want a new Breath of Fire game already! xD

Blaze9293198d ago

Well they said from a franchise we haven't heard and seen from in awhile. Glad that eliminates Mega Man :/.

Unfortunately eliminates Street Fighter as well. Onimusha?

3198d ago
Prince of Lies3198d ago

I'm thinking a 194X shooter.

The Meerkat3198d ago

UN Squadron would be nice.

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The story is too old to be commented.