1080p Bayonetta PS3 Runs Perfect, What Happened IGN

Review scores in this generation can actually make or break a game and as for Bayonetta the scores were high, well deserved but yet one sided.

The PS3 version of this game in terms of graphics and gameplay has suffered a major blow in the opinions of high ranking websites like IGN and Gamespot.

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DigitalAnalog3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

As much as I would love to play this game on the PS3 and the fact that you're very enthusiastic about it. I simply have to say, after watching this video ( it definitely contradicts your points. The PS3 version is extremely choppy and is less vibrant than the 360 version.

Sorry, I ain't paying the same amount of cash knowing another version could easily trump it. So far, every reviewer out there has all pointed out the flaws of the PS3 version. As for me, I'm taking yours as a grain of salt.

-End statement

egm_hiphopgamer3251d ago

was up digital the video doesnt't show that you was trying to show me but if you watch my ps3 review you'll see the truth. You'll see a true gamer playing the game and you can watch the action as it happens, nothing pre recorded and in terms of colors that's all subjective to TV settings most of the time as well. choppy gameplay no way look at my review video and you'll see the truth

moneybuyseverything3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

Famitsu scored the game showing a greater difference than IGN or the other 5 or 6 sites not afraid to tell it like it is. The rest of the reviewers pretty much made mention of the differences but dare(d) not score it different.

If you see it's more than washed out color. It also has less defined low rez textures and missing textures. The PS3 version has a Blurry image.

MSFT is scared!, PS3 this, PS3 that lol

-Alpha3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

Nobody says the PS3 version is "bad", it's just inferior and just a sloppy port.

Also, you make the reviewers seem like some biased bad guys out to get the poor old PS3. That's fine, but unless you can prove that for some reason, that all these media sites suddenly turned their back on the PS3 (after praising it with giving Uncharted 2 GOTY and praising the PS3 in general), you really have no case.

And I understand that the differences may be over exaggerated but they most certainly exist, so you trying to downplay it seems unnecessary. It's a sloppy port my friend, and most people have accepted this. Many don't even care.

But, as usual you over exaggerate your title and make a big deal out of this. Also, do you have side by side comparisons in your video? I would like to see the comparison rather than take your word for it. You claim to set things straight but all you've done is state "IGN and everybody else is wrong, this is an injustice in the industry, I'm setting things straight". Sorry, but your track record makes you a little untrustworthy HHG-- I'd at least would have liked to see side by side comparisons of you running both games

Also your argument on load times is flawed.

"I dont buy games to play the load times" Oh please HHG. What kind of terrible logic is that? It's so evident your just trying to damage control and make a big deal out of nothing. There are many factors that go into what makes a game great. Music, sound effects, story, graphics, presentation, etc. are all significant but I guess you don't buy games to play those either.

MGS didn't have load times when you were IN the game. It had load times before a scene/chapter started.

It's different in Bayonetta where load times happen for the most simplest of tasks. It's completely unnatural and ruins the whole damn pacing if you have to LOAD to pick up an item. That is completely absurd and unheard of. If you can't do remedial and petty tasks without meeting a loading process then the game clearly is screwed up. I don't understand how you could even contemplate comparing that to MGS because it's completely different. The installation times in MGSIV happened at reasonably placed intervals, not during some epic scene.

So, by that merit alone Bayonetta got a reflective score on the PS3.

You have to understand that you can't just "Forgive" the PS3 version. If the 360 version offered a much smoother experience then you have to take that into consideration when rating and looking at the PS3 version. Reviews are meant to help people purchase a game, and if multiplatform owners are going to have to decide it's absolutely evident that Bayonetta is superior on the 360.

I don't know why your making a big deal out of this, but that's what I think people have come to expect.

Bnet3433251d ago

It wasn't only IGN, it was every other website and magazine, even Famitsu (sp?) Who cares though? Why are you still on this topic? Just play the game or don't and move on. It's a great game on both systems.

iamtehpwn3251d ago

And it wasn't that bad. I don't care really about inferior version really, I'd much rather play this with a Dual shock 3.

Immortal Kaim3251d ago

Seriously HHG, why blatantly lie? Some of the most well respected, trusted sites in the industry all claim the differences are apparent, in fact they provide video proof and yet you still spout nonsense? Explain?

moneybuyseverything3251d ago

You must have small hands. I might get what you were saying if this game did not use the joystick to pull off moves. I don't even buy games on my PS3 because of the Dual shock 3. I guess it's all about preference and one's comfort level.

Bigpappy3251d ago

I tought HHG posted on Sundays

iamtehpwn3251d ago

I'm actually around 6th tall, so just proportionally speaking I have very big hands. Dual shock controller works better for action games.

Nihilism3251d ago

For the love of god another person claiming a game runs at 1080p when it's upscaled, there is a MASSIVE difference. A lower res upscaled will still have very pronounced jagged lines at the upscaled res.

moneybuyseverything3251d ago

For you it does. That notion comes from the fact most action fighting games use the D-pad in some way when it comes to moves, this game does not.

Marceles3251d ago

HHG, Bayonetta on PS3 is runs good. I had the game from jump before it even came out in the US, but even I'll admit the 360 version runs smoother. There's nothing particularly wrong with the PS3 version, it's just the 360 version does run at a better framerate.

You should be able to notice the difference at the very beginning when you're fighting on the clock tower before the Prologue even starts. I thought the PS3 version ran "perfect" too before I got a chance to play the 360 version. Play the 360 version side by side and you'll be like "oh ok I see now".

MUNKYPOO3251d ago

hiphopgamer i think its really good that bayoneta is getting all these bad scores and press for the ps3 version. maybe sega will wake up and start making better ports. after all its not 2007 anymore

DelbertGrady3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

Yet again he proves why he should never ever be trusted.

*wasn't meant to be a reply.*

mikeslemonade3251d ago

This game looks bad on both systems. This game is definitely getting overated. The graphics look like a first generation game.

ReservoirDog3163251d ago

Then what's the problem. Are you guys really that finicky that that bothers you. The PS3 version probably is a little worse. But if you can only notice it side by side, then what's the problem? If it's a good game, then it'll shine through it all.

Having said that, I suck at these type of games. So even if it ran smoothly on both the 360 and PS3, I still wouldn't get it.

Just stop whining so much and enjoy playing games. Especially when this game wasn't meant to be taken so seriously (ie it's over the top).

Also @ DigitalAnalog,

That link you gave leads nowhere.

ReservoirDog3163251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

Yeah, I see the difference kinda. But weren't the final US versions gonna get some extra polish?

So that video doesn't exactly prove much since it clearly says final Japanese versions. The Japanese ones are probably worse yeah but apparently the US versions shouldn't suffer.

edit: Haha, I don't even know what I'm doing. It's 2:30 in the morning and I'm discussing a game I'll never get cause I suck at the genre.

Marceles3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

"Then what's the problem. Are you guys really that finicky that that bothers you. The PS3 version probably is a little worse. But if you can only notice it side by side, then what's the problem? If it's a good game, then it'll shine through it all."

It is a good game and shines, I 100% it on PS3. Mostly my point was that there still a difference in how the game runs on both systems, and if a game runs better somewhere else, then it can't really be as perfect as it possibly can be since another version is more "perfect". The framerate does admittedly drop in intense battles but I was just bringing out the point that if the game is playable, then I guess that means it's perfect. I love the game though.

mastiffchild3250d ago

The fact of the matter is that while the 360 version definitely doesn't have the same amount of random(seemingly as it doesn't always happen when the screen is busy yet sometimes happens when little is going on)slowdowwn or quite as long(again, sometimes)load times as the PS3 version, to me anyway, the issues have been reported in a way OTT manner.

I've played the game through twice now on the PS3 and donbn't feel as though I've missed out by going with that option at all as the differences are nowhere near game breaking and, more than that, aren't nearly enough to make me think about going with the 360 and it's pad over the DS3 on the PS which I prefer-especially for this type of game. So, as a dual console(well, three plus a decent(these days!)PC)owner who, surely, should take most notice of comparisons I just don't think the issue is anywhere near what it's made out to be.

Yes, the 360 version does run a little better but it's purely down to the port not being done by the game's creators, imo, as porting by a second party never yioelds the same result as one made by the creators of a game. Sega keep getting bashed over this but without them PS3 owners would be missing out on a good game-and for some people a great one, so why the heat?

At least, I guess, with Bayonetta you can actually notice the differences(however slight they actually are) as opposed to most games where either console is said to have an edge(seriously, LoT and DF et al are using programs to find tearing and other issues these days-wtf?)but even so the difference is minimal and if nothing was said I doubt many would be complaining about Sega or idiotically making out that it's an issue with the relative strengths of the consoles-maybe if Bayonetta was a more technically advanced or better looking game than anything else on the PS3 that could be argued but as it is most of this whole shebang is hot air.IMO naturally.

TotalPS3Fanboy3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

as an Xbox fanboy, 1 frame drop at the beginning of the game is totally unacceptable. Only an epic failure like the RRoD is acceptable. /sarcasm

deividpaulo3250d ago

Among all kinds of fanatics, the Xboxfanboy are the worst...They simply don't accept the if that were to change reality.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

I understand where this guy is coming from, because there will be sites out there talking about other visions and making things up. So I generally stop listening to what they have to say and look at the independent websites.

When doing comparisons, even if it's slightly different the journalist will say Hardware A is a lot better than Hardware B when it isn't true. As with Bayonetta I don't know, never looked into it. That's what you call "Sensationalism" because they want to emphasize the difference is more than what it appears to be. Having a game load two seconds later doesn't qualify as "slow" loading times for me, and think a lot of gamers have "narcissistic" problems.

I honestly think if journalist weren't so picky with different versions, there would be even sales on rivalry hardware. I stopped listening to GameSpot with Perfect Dark Zero and IGN I forget when was the last time I went on that site.

execution173250d ago

actually feel tempted to check his websites, since IGN tend to botch their reviews and make it sound like crap, then from the readers review you can a ton of different perspectives all saying its great and what their flaws are

The Maxx3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

So we should believe HHG, a self admitting PRO SONY LOYALIST that HIS review from a "real gamer" is the "TRUTHFUL" verdict regarding this AAA game on his favorite console is just as good as the version on the console that he constantly attacks....while the WHOLE GAMING INDUSTRY FROM CREDITABLE SITES have agreed that the PS3 version is the infirior version of this Title.

HHG you stop with your ignorance and lack of research and maybe people will take you seriously and creditable. Until then you are still the worst journalsit in ANY industry....especially the games industry.

HHG and TRUTH is an oxyMORON.

boodybandit3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

"Respected and trusted" had me bust out laughing. I almost shot coffee all over my keyboard. LOL thanks for jump starting my weekend with some seriously excellent humor!

I mean you were kidding, right?

DigitalAnalog3250d ago

I've played the demo and I really REALLY want to get it but doing so will only inform developers that ports like these are acceptable making a complete mockery of those putting a lot more effort making the game on both systems as "identical" as possible. It doesn't matter if I have to get a a 4-8 GB install just as long as the quality matches or is up to standard to the 360 version (even if it's slightly inferior).

Yet this port is just as bad as the Lost Planet and Assassin's Creed I version back in 2006/2007. All other companies are already putting to much effort and THIS is beyond unacceptable.

-End statement

StanLee3250d ago

This is how you know this moron is an attention whore. Of all the games that can be argued are equal on both platforms he chose the one that clearing is a subpar port to base his arguments on. He's a fcuking moron.

nycredude3250d ago

Who the fvck cares anymore. The games is out and is good, but GOW 3 is releasing in March and when that happens this game will be forgotten just like DMC4 was.

I bought Darksiders instead of this anyway and that game is really fun!

Persistantthug3250d ago

Anyways, After playing both, I had my own perceptions, but I wanted to get his, so I kept quiet while he played first Dante's Inferno, and then Bayonetta next.

After he was done, I asked him which game he liked better...
Duh...almost naked chick chick, right for an 11-12 year old? lol

But I asked him why he liked Bayonetta better, and he said that the action was more "actiony"....more "exciting" (lol)...I knew what he meant. I felt the same way. Bayonetta was more mechanically exciting than Dante's Inferno and the finishing moves were real nice too.

The end story is, if you play the game as is, at least the demo of it, you will not really think to notice the differences. I liked it and so did my nephew.

Now...the thing is, when I go to buy something new, I like for the thing I'm buying to be new, and if its an assembly lined product (lots of them), I want the one I'm getting to be the best one...I even go so far as inspecting them, like for scratches and stuff.
Same thing as if I were to buy something used, I look for the best used product I can get.

What I'm trying to say is, the PS3 Bayonetta issue is more an issue of the gamers mind. Not too many people will want to buy something that they know is inferior, not for $60....I'm included, even though I liked the game.

I do blame Sega for this, and Platinum Games should probably get some blame too.

As someone mentioned somewhere in the comments, this is a game that I'll probably consider when it get's to $20, and in my opinion, Sega/Platinum Games deserve this, because it is 2010 and if you know you need help, you should use the phone and ask way in advance to keep stuff like this from happening in the first place.

sikbeta3250d ago

Ah, we all know the PS3 version is almost a [email protected] port, but if the game is +good I'll buy it anyway, not going to buy a Console just for 1 game, I already did it last Gen, stupid GC... lol

pixelsword3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

"perfect", "bad", "acceptable", "not acceptable" are all subjective terms.

Every review, and I mean EVERY review is bound to bias, self-perceptional slants, and pre-judging a product.

We see in on the "best" of sites (Game Trailers, Gamespot, etc)

We see it on the "worst" of sites (kotaku, Destructoid, Yahoo games, etc)

I don't even see how this is a debate anymore. Bayonetta came out with a demo: if you need someone to make up your mind for you after a that, then you don't deserve to talk about anyone's opinion. I say that because you obviously don't have one of your own if ACTUALLY PLAYING THE GAME isn't enough for you.

I myself already decided not to purchase Bayonetta because it was touted to play like god of war, but it played like Devil May Cry; I don't like that playing style in DMC or BN; and I didn't like the music, it sounded like music you'd hear on a catwalk. I'll play Dante's Inferno because it reminds me of a mix between of GoW and Castlevania LoI.


MGS4 doesn't load for fifteen minutes a piece, that's an exaggeration.

The Maxx3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

As much as I love drooling over your avatar...

Are you saying that sites like Gamespot, IGN, Gametrailers are LESS creditable than the HipHopGamerShow?

Are you saying that HHG knows more and is completely impartial to the consoles and companies that produces those consoles that his deep knowledge in gaming and its rich history is by and far more accurate than ALL the sites that have said and shown and blogged and compared the 2 games?

Please tell me that you were not implying that. Cause if you are saying that HipHopGamer is more creditable than any of the main sites out there, then you are clearly a product of HHG's ignorance and the spread thereof.

pixelsword3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

Bootybandit has a great point: HHG is as relevant as those sites you listed for one reason:

all of the "credible" sites have been caught doing things not credible.

IGN changing review scores

gametrailers caught switching ps3 footage for 360 footage multiple times

1up's utterly illogical review scores which resulted in low hits and low circulation; which was directly involved in their internal breakdown and subsequent laying-off of dozens of writers.

gamespot firing Jeff Gerstmann for giving an honest review.

and ALL of the sites not giving out reviews to a game that stinks if the game isn't out yet... if the publishers tell them to and gives them cash ('cause it ain't because they love each other).

So yes; until "credible" sites stop doing that, they are just as "credible".

The Maxx3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

I`m sorry pixelsword but I cannot agree with you. HHG has a LONG history of Flaimbait articles. HHG has shown time and time again that he does NOT research what he talks about. Constantly on the Warzone he makes outlandish comments. He has been told to do some research over and over again.

Again I have no beef with you, but HHG is a very poor journalist and a sell admitted Sony Loyalist who has a history of giving misinformation to his fans and followers.

He is the most uncreditable source on the internet, and I have yet to see anyone EVER use a HHG link as a source to back up their claimes. And there is a reason why they don`t.

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moneybuyseverything3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

What the hell is this guy talking about? Why is he singling out two "game joints" as if they are the only ones mentioning differences and scoring accordingly? We know HHG likes(worships) his PS3 but dam.

I'm not even going to post links proving his every word wrong because the truth is common knowledge.

I'm going to watch the video again so I can try to make sense of his logic and his forced grasp and honesty on the issue.

Holy hell! on the Alicia Keys pics in the background though WOW.

-CautionHead-3251d ago

I hope he does know about up-conversion, Jesus Christ....

PeptoBismol3251d ago

same thing I said when I saw your post