360 Game Clan Opening

In a move to promote a real online community here at News4Gamers, I am going to put myself out there to start up a News4Gamers game clan on Xbox Live, it will be a loose association of people to add to contacts and we can game on a weekly basis or 2-3 times a week based on what people would like.  If we get enough participation i will throw a 360 Clan board site up so we can stay in touch away from the news here.    Anyone interested in playing games against the people who post, reply, talk trash, and otherwise participate here at News4Gamers on XBoxLive please follow the instructions below.   

Send a message to lucidmantra (Lucid360 here) in XBox Live.  In the text tell me what your name is here at N4G's and we will gague participation and I will issue news through the Live interface.  Currently we can plan events like online tourneys in NCAA 07, Madden, Over G, Prey, and other games as they arrive like Gears Of War.    This is open to people of all sorts, if you are a Sony fan you are invited also, leave your fanboi ways at the door and bring the gaming skills.  BS will not be tolerated.  And until I hear from one of of the N4G people it will not really be a N4G's Gamer Clan, just people who hang out here and are in XBL. 

This is meant to be fun aqnd as such there will be all skill levels and types.  It will not be a real mandatory participation gaming clan.  If we are doing something and you can be there then cool if not, real world is real world and were not going to penalize people. remember..   Message lucidmantra in XBL and tell me your name here at N4G's 

omansteveo6515d ago

I really wish they made people post reasons why they vote lame b its retarted to vote lame just bc you dont like xbox...on any system this sounds like a cool idea to me


yeah, lets do it.

i wish certain people here had a 360 so i could shoot them up, but oh well!

HyperBear6515d ago

Hopefully PS3 Fanboys are there, so I can snipe them to hell. LOL

Shadow Flare6515d ago

over here

i dont have an xbox 360 but if anyones up for playin halo 2 then im in

LK6515d ago

sounds like fun bring it on