No Dev Console Available in Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Developer Johan Anderson tweeted today the words "No Console", pointing out to gamers that Bad Company 2 wouldn't have any access to a developer console of any sort.

It's worth noting that it hasn't been removed - a console was never planned for the game.

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Wayward3198d ago

Wiser words have never been said ;)! To say it would help stop cheating is like holding up a banner and saying "we can't be bothered". If a game is coded correctly you would never be able to cheat with a console...

Government Cheese3197d ago

What exactly is a console, in this sense?

Wayward3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

I'm not sure how much PC gaming you play, but a console is normally where settings can be changed in a command line interface. It's used often by server admins to change maps and use RCON, and by users to do things such as changing nicks without using a menu.

randomwiz3197d ago

lets just hope those no dedicated servers rumors are false

Pandamobile3197d ago

Developer console. Area to input functions and change variables. What the developers use to debug the games.

It's nothing major for the average pub gamer, but it's kind of a kick in the butt for anyone hoping to start a BFBC2 competetive ladder. It also means that there won't be much in the way of demo recording or playback either.

I dunno how we'll access RCON commands, either...

Wayward3197d ago

You'll access rcon by paying EA! (just joking - one would hope!)

STK0263197d ago

While I'm still pretty sure the game will be amazing, it seems that EA (or DICE, whoever is making the decisions) has been dissing MW2 on certain things, and yet, are slowly going down the same path (but not as far).

Raf1k13197d ago

Battlefield 3 is the one I'm most looking forward to so as long as they don't gimp that I'm not too fussed.

I'm still getting this though as the PS3 version was great and I'll like it even more on PC.

Wayward3197d ago

Thats the silly thing about this whole taking things away - If they had not moaned about COD6 doing it, it would'nt be as bad

TheIneffableBob3197d ago

Bad Company 2 looks more like a play-for-fun kind of game. You'll have to wait until Battlefield 3 if you want the next competitive Battlefield game.

Wayward3197d ago

I like to play all my games for fun :-P!

zonetrooper53197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

Totally agree with you there and I see you post on the BF:BC2 forums as well. I think I may just cancel my pre-order for the PC and just order it for my 360 or PS3.

evrfighter3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )


We have access to the config file right????

Bad Company 2 is not balanced for a dev console?
Say it ain't so

I'm beginning to feel like my competitive pc gaming days have become numbered. If they pull an old school EA (driven by greed) at the last second. I may just very well end up going casual and buying a 360 and Modern Warfare 2. At least then I could have a good time with my family and co-workers who all own one except for me.


webeblazing3197d ago

i feel sorry for pc gamer not as much as console gamer cuz while we argue over dumb $hit devs is rapin us more n more didnt game 2 much on pc as i was growing up loved quake n ut but know what u talkin bout wit the console. beginning of the gen started the rape in its gettin worst DLC was free, 60 games, alot of mixed rehashed $hit, everbody looks the other way when dev ship broken games and hardware , no dedicated servers, no kind of mods 4 mp, i could go on n on of how consoles could of moved toward pc content wise but look what we do

Nihilism3197d ago

That doesn't make any sense.

Ok so you want to cancel your pre-order on principle because there is no dev that you can pay more for an inferior version...that still doesn't have dev console. Where's the logic in that?

If your going to buy it, do it right and get it on pc.

STK0263197d ago

Well, I guess he'd buy it for a console, to play with more people. Just like MW2, sure, it looks better on PC and has the "custom feature" of m/k support, which is preferred by most people when it comes to FPS games. However, the X360 community, and even the PS3 one, are significantly bigger than the PC one. So, it's not unusual for some to pick the console version when the PC version doesn't offer all the features they usually expect from PC games.

DDclarke3197d ago

I kind of get the feeling that is what EA is hoping. They are trying to kill of PC gaming - its better for them.

Lich1203197d ago

I don't know much about this game but was hoping it would be like BF2 (one of my all time favorite shooters). I noticed people mentioning battlefield 3, has this been announced and if so, can anyone help me out with any content thats been shown? It would be much appreciated.

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DDclarke3198d ago

It seems EA are intent on killing the PC version of this game. Why bother releasing it on PC if they are going to be half-arsed about it?

Elven63197d ago

See: Modern Warfare 2

Cernunnos3197d ago

They just pulled an Infinity Ward

DDclarke3197d ago

I vote that gets added to the dictionary! "abj. To remove standard features for no given reason".

Cernunnos3197d ago

"3.1 -
I vote that gets added to the dictionary! "abj. To remove standard features for no given reason""
- And being generally lazy.

bjornbear3197d ago

@ elven

did you just make that?! =O


and so true...

Elven63197d ago

Unfortunately I didn't, someone else made it.

"by InfinityFail Oct 23, 2009"

Seems to be the only contribution, I'm gonna be using that phrase for a LONG time. :P

mastiffchild3197d ago

But you could add:to forget you were once your own company and turn into Activision's equally greedy, corner cutting, penny pinching gimp that no longer cares about the quality of the product your customers play as long as it ups the income stream enough for you to buy some of those nice rubber masks with the built in pool ball gags that kotick loves you to wear for him at the weekend.

Or:to hike your prices in only in areas that will allow you to split the gaming community and allow you to get away with blue murder,and all of the above, while the gaming community ignores what you did and keeps fighting with itself. See also: removing features strategically instead of risking affront by doing it across the board.

IW really pulleed the old divide and rule on the gaming community and judged it just right that a loud faction of the console gaming world would immediately rejoice at the PC gamers problems even if they SHOULD all have wanted dedicted servers AS WELL as PC gamers-as I said divide and rule worked like a charm for them over MW2 and even after some big words on the subject it's nbgimnning to look like EA might well have noticed the cash IW/Acti made and saved with their various decisions over the game and are going, though not as far(at least they had/will have betas on some platforms), down the same damn road. Which makes the fact we couldn't stand up for ourselves and make IW listen even more tragic, imo.

Mark my words-we'll pay,and already are in lost features, missing features and unilateral hikes, through the nose for less and less quality and smaller and smaller advances in gaming as a whole if we don't lose all the platform specific love and hatred that makes us so easy to pull stunts like this on. Rise up my gaming bnrothers: we have nothing to lose but our fanboyism!

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PotNoodle3197d ago

Man, they were doing everything right till now..

Nihilism3197d ago

I'm starting to wonder why I pre-ordered this game...

bjornbear3197d ago

its just the console man, its nothing about the actual game

ok its a set back to the usual PC owner ritual of gaming, but it won't detract from any actual gameplay =/

but fine, to each his one =)

Nihilism3197d ago

Yes it is just the console commands, but it's one of many indications that the pc version is almost a straight port. I don't care about the commands for server options, but you can change graphics settings and effects and sound, and mouse sensitivity, and draw distances etc etc, way beyond what you can choose in game when you have a console key, you can basically change any part of the engine or gameplay with it, so it is kind of a big deal to not have it.

Saying that it prevents cheating is B.S anyway. Valve games all have console keys and they don't have prevalent cheating.

Like in MW2, there was a console key, they just disabled it, I don't see how they could not have a console key when it is usually an important tool for the developers when making the game.

ChozenWoan3197d ago

Within three days after this game is released on PC there will be a hack to access the console.

webeblazing3197d ago

i get what u saying dchalfront even tho im a console gamer i wish more gamer point the finger bout whats wrong then saying what yogi the bear said

Nihilism3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

I hear you. People are too complacent, and willing to accept whatever they are given. EA recently cancelled all support for online modes for a bunch of their games. So the online mode is now useless. That is why people want dedicated servers, so they can play them whenever they want and don't have to worry about that happening. I personally don't know why they don't include offline MP in games anymore. It's another feature that people have just accepted is gone. But now people are having to be stuck with lagging online matches etc.

Things all PC games should have. AA support, mod support, console key, dedicated servers, no DRM, proper graphics options.

But all of those things are slowing being taken away :(


That's only on the graphics side, gameplay wise it's copy and paste, even for a multiplat there should be other options made available to us.

Pandamobile3197d ago

I've been following a lot of the BFBC2 devs on Twitter over the last couple months and I can guarantee you that the game isn't a console port.

The engine was designed from the ground up on PC and takes full advantage of all modern PC hardware from quad core CPU's, DX11 GPU's, stereoscopic 3D, and lots more.

They've got the original Battlefield 2 team working on the PC gameplay (and I'm sure a hefty chunk of the BF2 devs are working quietly on Battlefield 3, too).

Worry not.

bjornbear3197d ago


lack of a console shouldn't put the game's purchase on the fence if it doesn't impair the game in any way (lets hope it doesn't, no one knows yet)

but I agree with your comments, obviously a gamer has to have an opinion and a voice, but there are easier ways to change things than not-to-purchase a game

say, email them, or petition - these tend to work

all i'm saying is, don't let something this small prevent you from playing what is going to be an AWESOME game!! =D

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