What Star Wars Galaxies did right

Gamer Limit writes "If there was one MMO in my life that drained the most out of my day, it was Star Wars Galaxies. It wasn't my fascination with the lore, or my lack of friends, but it was the game's dedication to player interactivity, deep character progression, and fantastic PvP mechanics. "

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GrahameG3197d ago

Ah this reminds me of a somewhat funny story.

Years ago, when I worked in a well known games retailer, a guy came in on a Monday morning saying he had bought the game on the Friday and spent all weekend trying to get it to work.
My colleague tried to troubleshoot a little, asking his system specs. When I came over and said "silly question, but do you have internet access?" To which he looked at me puzzled and said "no, why?"

DangerCurtis3196d ago

It's a rarity to find an article about such a low key game, but I'm extremely glad you paid dividends to it. This game is amazing.

thedoctor3196d ago

SWG, we never knew one another, but I'm sure I would've loved you.

jFND903196d ago

Never heard of this game tbh.

Blaster_Master3196d ago

You didn't watch last years E3? What kinda nerd are you? Boo this man! LOL!

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The story is too old to be commented.