Mass Effect 2 Interview with Casey Hudson

Ve3tro sat down with Bioware's Project Manager and Executive Producer of the Mass Effect franchise Casey Hudson to discuss Mass Effect 2 ahead of it's January 26 release date. We went into specifics over the improvements in the last 6 months since I last saw it at E3. We go deep into Mass Effect 2's combat, Casey's favorite playthrough class, and we even manage to get a few answers on what's in store for the next chapter of the Mass Effect trilogy, Mass Effect 3.

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Yast3r3252d ago

A fascinating read. I cannot wait until this game is in my console... I may go play some Mass Effect 1 now to tie myself over.

Ve3tro3252d ago

I've just re-started mine since the save got corrupted and I'd like to know what happened at the end.

Rockox3252d ago

I'd say the last hour or so of ME1 is some of the best gaming I've ever had. The story picks up for the last act and goes barrelling towards the ending. Just awesome.

3252d ago